Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Much Do you Love your Friends?

Did you know that June 8 is National Friendship Day?

Me and some of my BEST Teen Girlfriends! (grown up of course)

Well, for those of you in the Excited States it is. For those of us in Canada and other parts of the world, we'll play along and join is, because as FRIENDS of the USA, that's what we like to do!!!! Celebrate!!!

To celebrate the APRIL 23, 2013 release of my book about friends, HOW I LOST YOU, I'm running a blog series on friends...your favorite author's high school best bloggers and their best friends...maybe we can catch up with some agents and editors and find out their friends! We'll talk about friends we can't live without....the hardest part of growing apart from your best friend...things friends do that no one else can... it's all part of the fun (and even not so fun stories that we can all relate to)

Author Jennifer Brown
Author Kimberly Derting
I've already featured some AMAZING authors on the blog including...Jennifer Brown, Kimberly Derting, Melissa Walker, Jennifer Jabaley, and I was also honored to feature an amazing Librarian (and non fiction author) Betsy Fraser who is equally passionate about the YA community!

I'll be featuring more great authors, and book bloggers and librarians and anyone who'd like to share a story or memory of their best friend!

Make sure you check back often for more authors, like the adorable Roecker sisters!
YA Authors, Lisa and Lara Roecker that it Miss Janet, you may be asking yourself?

Of course, that's NOT ALL!

On JUNE 8, I'll be giving away a FRIENDSHIP BASKET to one winner.

AND...the winner will also get to share GOODIES with the FRIEND OF HER CHOICE! Not only will some lucky person win, but that person will be able to show their best friend how much they care too!!!

ALL you have to do to enter this contest is to tweet about it. 
Use the hashtag #HOWILOSTYOU to tweet or retweet your favorite FRIEND BLOG POST.
On June 8, I'll pick from the twitter entries and will post the winner's name!  Then we'll hook you and your best friend up.

1.  A friendship bracelet for each of you!
2.  A gift certificate to send each other a friendship bouquet of flowers
3.   A set of 4 Janet Gurtler Books one of each
 for you and for your best friend. So you can read and talk about them together!

Remember every time you tweet with the hashtag, #HOWILOSTYOU, you'll be entered to win! Enter as many times as you want until June 8! Have fun and remember to hug (or virtually hug) your friends on June 8!!

National Friendship Day!

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