Sunday, September 30, 2012



WHO I KISSED is alive on October 1st.

It's ALIVE!!!!

Out in the world!

You know what that means...don't you.....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peanut Allergy, Food allergies and Asthma Safety

I recently was looking for information on peanut allergies and came across this really good article with tips for asthma, peanut allergies and other allergies. Great information even if your child doesn't have to deal with it themselves. Chances are someone they know will and does and kids honestly are very protective of the kids who have allergies.

Dr. Clifford Bassett, an NYU allergist recently talked about a rise in the number of peanut allergies.
Here some more information from Dr. Bassett:

Back to school Allergy and Asthma Guide
14 million school absences per year due to allergies and asthma in the USA

Be aware of allergy and asthma triggers in the classroom.
Common physical activities, games, and exercise may provoke difficulty breathing, and/or asthma.
Have your child’s rescue inhaler available for use at school.
Give your child’s written asthma action plan to school nurse.
If your child has food allergies, It would be prudent that he or she bring a bagged lunch to school to avoid the temptation of food sharing.
Talk to the teacher if your child has pet allergies.
If your child has an allergy stinging insects (bees, wasps, etc.) he or she needs to have an epinephrine auto injector immediately available at school as well as an allergist directed plan in place.
Carpet and rugs in the classroom can help to stir up indoor allergies and asthma.
Use fragrance-free cleaning products in the classroom.

Dining Out with Food Allergies
1. Notify manager, chef, and/or hostess of your food allergies
2. Have a chef ingredient card ready to display to restaurant staff of foods you need to avoid.
3. Be aware of possible causes of cross-contact:
a. Shared countertops, dishes, pans, boards, utensils, etc.
b. Avoid spills or splatters during cooking
c. Limit and/or avoid buffet lines
d. Be extra vigilant in restaurants that serve Asian, Mexican, seafood cuisine as well as in bakeries and dessert shops.
(Due to nuts, egg, milk, fish/shellfish, etc.)
4. Become a food label detective.
5. Carry safe snacks.
6. Be wary of hidden ingredients:
a. Sauces may contain nuts, anchovies, and soy
b. Many egg substitutes contain egg whites
c. Canned foods such as tuna as well as hot dogs, candies, chocolate chips, flavorings may contain milk proteins
d. Garnishes can often contain cheese, nuts, and spices
e. Be aware of certain cooking oils (especially cold expeller pressed ones that may contain protein allergens)
7. Printable food allergy cards are available online.
8. Request food prepared separately to prevent cross- contamination
9. Be aware of any change of ingredients on the menu.
Call ahead before dining out especially during holiday and busy evening hours to discuss any food allergy concerns with manager.
10. Consider a plan B or alternate restaurant if you are unsure about the meal etc.
11. Chain restaurants can be easier to navigate menu items for food avoidance due to more standardized menus and products used in preparation of the meals
12. Always carry your epinephrine auto injector with you as well as a written food allergy action plan. Be aware of early and typical food allergy symptoms.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here's another entry in the WHO I KISSED contest.  This one is from Lisa McDonald and her WIP titled Chase Me.

Send me your entry to before September 30!!
I rolled my eyes, ready to retort, when Chase leaned over the seat. He placed a hand gently under my chin. Chills danced up my neck. He traced my jaw line and cheekbones. I almost closed my eyes to control the surge of longing, but I wanted to watch. I trembled like a frightened little kitten. He stared straight into my eyes. I tried to look down but he turned my chin up.

“You’re a piece of work,” he said gently. Somehow those ambiguous words sounded like a wonderful compliment. He leaned in closer and his full velvety lips pressed on mine. He moved them softly and seductively over my mouth and I shamelessly groaned. My head swirled around and I closed my eyes, focusing only on the wonderful sensations. When he pulled back from me, my eyes flew wide open.

“Good night.” He said it softly, smiling while I tried to collect myself.

What the hell? I shook my head to waggle off my burning desire to drop trou in the front seat of his dad's Porsche. With a few well-executed kisses I was feeling things I hadn’t experienced well. Ever. And then, bam. A bucket of ice.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WRITERS WANTED- Show me your words!

Hey YOU!!!
You've still got almost two weeks to enter the WHO I KISSED CONTEST!

I'm super excited about the entries I've already received and want to highlight a couple of the best ones over the next couple of days!

You've still got time to enter! Send your entry to

THIS ONE is from From Linda Dudderidge, it's a HOT New Year's Eve Kiss in a delicious boy POV!!

Here it is!!!

    Rose tips her head back and stares at me, unfocused. "I know we just met, but would it be cool if we kissed at midnight? I've always wanted to start the year off doing something really awesome, like kissing a cute guy."
     "You want to ... I mean, yeah, uh sure." Smooth, Sam.
     She giggles again and pulls her arms tighter around my neck.
     Dozens of drunken voices drift down the stairs, counting down the seconds to when I get to kiss this amazing girl, and I can't wait until they get to 'one.'
     "Twelve ... eleven ... ten ..."
     I slip my hands to Rose's face, tracing a few of the freckles on her nose with my thumb. Her Nemo eyes stare at my lips, making me self-conscious. That's it, I'm not waiting.
     "Eight ... seven ... six ..."
      "One. " I pull her close and kiss her. She tastes like beer and chips .
     Upstairs, as everyone else hits the new year, there's a giant crash, some swearing and a roar of laughter. But Rose and I are wrapped up in this kiss that I would kill to keep going forever.
     After a few minutes, she pulls away, breathless, her eyes shining even brighter than before. "You cheated. You kissed me at 'five.'"
    "I couldn't wait." I smirk and shrug.
   "You couldn't wait five seconds?"
    "Hey, I'm not the one who --" I don't get to finish my thought because her lips are on mine again and she's got me backed against the wall. She runs her hands up inside my shirt, feeling my chest, so I figure hands under shirts are fair game and do the same to her.


It gets even hotter, but this is a taste of a really hot first kiss scene!

So. Send me your entry soon too, and you might be featured here and you might even WIN!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Great deals on I'M NOT HER!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


If you love to write, you can enter this contest!

Write a kiss scene!

I'll publish the best entries on my website (with your permission) in October!!!

WHO I KISSED CONTEST!Open to everyone, this is a chance to write a scene that tells about a time when you kissed a stranger. Have you ever done that? If you haven't, by all means, make it up. Write about a guy you wanted to kiss. Or should have kissed. Whatever it is, tell me who you kissed! *Please keep it pretty mild, remember I am a mother of a soon to be teenager (ha ha ha) I can handle a little steam but we're talking age appropriate people! Make me feel something. Happy? Sad? Angry? All emotions count.

You can send your entries to
Word Count Limit- 1000 words.

I will close the contest on September 30 at 12:00pm MST.

I will read all entries and select the winner and publish the post on my website on October 1!

The winner will receive a gift basket filled with prizes like...

Jelly Belly's
A copy of WHO I KISSED
Swim Goggles

Jelly Belly's !

So get writing and send me your entry before September 30, 2012.