Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Best Eyebrow Picture EVER

I like Jennifer Aniston. I like her new boyfriend. He's kind of delicious and I love how both of them always wear black. He's a cool looking dude. A bit of the bad boy thing going on, but seemingly tamed for now. This is how I am seeing it in my romantic head. Okay.


The best thing about him? His eyebrowlift. I love boys that can rasie one eyebrow.  Swoonworthy. Swwoooon.  Many, many of my male characters in my novels can do this exact move. Well played, Justin Theroux. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If I Tell - The Book Shelf Muse- Angela Ackerman

Angela Ackerman is not only my agent mate, she also lives in the same city as me and we are real life friends!  She's funny and nice and just plain awesome and also has an AMAZING website with a million followers because it is made of WRITER WIN.  If you haven't, you must drop by for the amazing writer thesaurus's.


Thanks for stopping by, Angela. So tell us, are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?

Angela:  I hate secrets because my inclination is to be honest with everyone. But, if the secret is for a good thing, like a surprise birthday party, etc, I can totally keep my lips zipped, because the end result is that someone else will end up happy. But keeping a secret that can harm another? I can't do it. I try to convince the person involved to be honest and solve the issue rather than hold onto the secret (if it's theirs) and if the secret belongs to someone else and they are passing it along...I try to help the person who is in need without revealing that I know their secret. So, I don't necessarily 'tell', but I will try and do whatever I perceive to be right.

Honesty is the best policy, yes? You sound like someone I should trust with my secrets. Do you easily forgive friends for their mistakes? What is something you could never forgive a friend for?

Angela:  I think we all make mistakes. I make them all the time! :) I definitely forgive others, but I am human and sometimes I make judgements based on what the mistake is. I don't like this side of myself, but it's true and like the last question, I tend to be ruled by honesty...even when it might make me look bad. I'm trying to change :)

The one thing I could never forgive a friend for is betrayal. If there was something that they knew would hurt or devastate me or my family but they did it anyway for personal gain...I would feel a profound sense of betrayal and I think we'd be done as far as friendship goes.

Don't mess with mama bear! I promise never to betray you for personal gain. Okay, let's go ahead and stereotype you for a moment, okay! What kind of a teen were you, as in what “group” did you associate with? 

Angela: I was the 'in-between-er', I guess. The group I hung out with sort of marched to its own band. We weren't geeks, because we were socially accepted by everyone else. We weren't popular in the sense that we wouldn't think to go to the popular parties by 'It crowd', but in school we could talk to some popular kids and no one thought twice about it. None of us were overly athletic, some of us were artsy, some brainy...we were an eclectic crowd.

Sounds about perfect.  And now you're the it crowd in my mind! And I think you have the best stories from high school about your hubby! But don't worry, I won't tell. Secret. Get it. Describe your fave teen outfit.

Angela:  Oh man...*reaches back in brain* Okay, I think I liked it best when we all wore our jeans rolled tight at the ankle and long button shirts with beads or crazy belts. And popped collars of course. 'Cause we were cool like that. :) Oh and I loved my acid washed jean jacket decorated with chains and pins that looked like dead happy faces. Good times, I tell you. :)

If you could go back to high school knowing now what you didn’t know then, what is one thing you would change? What do you wish you could have told your teen self?

Angela: I think I would tell myself to stop obsessing about my own weight and appearance. I was so insecure, and now looking back I realize I had nothing to be insecure about! Oh and I would definitely tell myself to not date Erik Graves. BIG mistake...they guy was only interested in one thing, and even when I dumped him, he still was hoping for it as a 'way to say goodbye'. Yeah, right. Dream on buddy...dream on.

Ba ha ha ha. I'm imagining Erik googling himself and going, "Damn. Thought I still had a chance!" Silly rabbit. 
All right, thank you for stopping by, Angela! See you at lunch soon. Yes. We get to go for lunch together with our other Calgary writer friends! Yay writer friends!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IF I TELL- Danielle Joseph

Danielle Joseph is the author of SHRINKING VIOLET from MTV/Pocket Books and INDIGO BLUES and PURE RED (September 2011) from Flux Books.
When not writing, Danielle can be found listening to music, eating chocolate or swimming--sometimes all at once!
 For more info visit her website at:

First off, I would really like to see you swim while eating chocolate. But never mind that for now. Let's go to the questions. First. Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?

Danielle: Yes, I am. I attribute it to the fact that I have three sisters and adhere to the "sister code". That means no matter how mad we are at each other, we never spill one of our secrets to anyone, especially to our parents.

Ah. The sister code. Good practice for secret keeping indeed. So what about mistakes? Do you easily forgive friends for mistakes? What is something you could never forgive a friend for?

Danielle: Not so easily but it really depends on what they did. One thing I really can't stand is when people flat out lie. Luckily, that does not happen very often and I have made many great friends over the years.

Note. Do not lie to Danielle! Okay. So let’s just go ahead and stereotype you for a moment, okay! What kind of a teen were you, as in what “group” did you associate with?

Danielle: I'd say my group was the 90's version of goth. Grunge Punkers I'll call it!

Yay Grunge Punkers!!! So this should be interesting. Please describe your fave teen outfit.

Danielle: I usually went for comfort so I'll pick a pair of vintage blue jeans, Newbury Comics tee, black and white striped socks and my maroon Dr. Martens.

Swoon. Maroon Dr. Martens. I am in love with them. And you.  Okay, if you could go back to high school knowing now what you didn’t know then, what is one thing you would change? What do you wish you could have told your teen self?

Danielle: I would just tell myself that high school is not the end of the world and that really the world is waiting for you. The only thing I would change is how I dealt with the social situations. I would tell myself not to worry so much about what others think and do what I think is right. I believe we learn from experience and that is no different from what I did.

Yes. I totally know of what you speak. So much worry about people who were not worrying about me at all.  But it all brings us to where we are now and that is not such a bad thing.

Thank you for stopping by Danielle! And I know you have a great secret to share, so hopefully we'll hear more about that soon!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Janet Gurtler is the author of contemporary Ya novels, I’M NOT HER and IF I TELL, as well as a new novel from Sourcebooks Fire coming out in 2012.   Although she is chronologically (way) older, in many ways Janet will always be a 16 year old girl in her head.   Follow Janet on Twitter or Facebook or reach her through her website.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silly Points To Ponder When faced with a Deadline

Oh! So I just got the official deadline for my third Sourcebooks YA,  Just Breathe aka The Peanut Butter Book which will have a new title soon.

I have been working on it on and off while I waited for the contract to come in and now it's official so I must get my butt in GEAR!!! There's a book to be finished baby!! I have to admit I kind of am a deadline person. There may or may not be a procrastinator living inside my head (okay there totally is). I like a little kick in the pants.

Plus, I really am very much in love with this story (remind me of this in a couple of months when I'm panicking!) so writing it is pleasurable. I hope it comes out as good as it presently is in my mind.
Of course, books are always incredibly brilliant before they're written. Yes. It is true!

 So while I'm thinking about this book I have also been pondering the following not so deep thoughts.

1. What happened to the guy who was married to Jerry Seinfeld's wife? The one she dumped after meeting Jerry and (apparently) traded up? Where is he now. Did he get paid off? Is he happy? Hmm.

2. What about the lady who was married to Julia Roberts husband when they hooked up. Vera something if memory serves me. Didn't Julia wear a rude shirt because she wouldn't divorce him? Oh Julia. Does she hate Julia's children? Does she boycott Julia's movies? Is she happy? I hope she got paid off. She deserves it. That would be hard to take.

3. What about George Clooney's ex-girlfriends? They must get a pretty good package when he lets them go? I'm starting to wonder about his sexual orientation. I can't help it. This new girlfriend of his just seems so conveniently timed. Do you think he's using these women to hide something else? Would that be a great job or WHAT? George Clooney's girlfriend. Hmm. If only I were younger. Taller. Thinner and you know, liked high heels and was um...single.

4. Is Jennifer Lopez really going to date Bradley Cooper. I love BC something fierce.  She doesn't seem his type. Renee Zellwfunnylast name and then JLo? I don't get it. I just don't.

5. And speaking of, I wonder if the rumors about Ben Affleck are true? Remember the way he spiralled downwards before he and JLo broke up? Does he love his wife. I love his wife. I think Jennifer Garner seems down to earth and you know, kind of real. Beautiful and she was in Alias dude. I miss Alisa. Anyhow, Ben kind of seems like a player. Is he still off the booze? I hope so. Does he still hang out with Matt Damon anymore? I love Matt. Does Ben's mom totally love Jennifer Garner? Is Ben still hung up on Gwyneth Paltrow.

You know, these are the kinds of things that are fun to think about when your mind starts getting all serious and deadline freaky.  I love me some movie star gossip. There I said it. It's true.

And if you know the answers to 1 or 2, please let me know.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remembering some things a published author should be thankful for.

I haven’t done a thankful Thursday post for a while and I feel a need. My soul feels the desire to pause for a moment to ingest the imaginary scent of virtual roses.

As I get close to my second book launch this year and feel some shame because I’m constantly shouting at the world about myself and my books on Twitter and Facebook--as I spend too much time stalking Goodreads and book blogs for reviews and words about my work--I need to remember that I have so much to be thankful for to be where I am. Right now. Not where I want to be. Not where I hope to be, but where I am. This second.

It’s easy in the crazy world of book publishing to get caught up in the ‘need to do’s’, the ‘have to do’s’ the’ want to do’s’ and forget to just take it all in. Inhale the incredibly wonderful thing that it is to have a book published and appear in bookstores. Exhale the feeling similar to being exposed to the world in your underpants.

Things I’m thankful for (in no particular order) And I will forget some important ones. So I’ll probably have to add to this next week. But for now…

• Readers who get my books and take the time to tell me that they like my work. My ego, she does like to be stroked.

• Good book reviews from professional reviewers. Sigh. The feeling it is delicious.

• My editor Leah Hultenschimdt who is a pleasure to work with and so very supportive.

• Kay Mitchell, the publicist at Sourcebooks who I want to miniaturize and carry around in my pocket because I love her so much. Heck all the Sourcebooks group who are truly fantastic. Really.

• My friends and family who came to my book launch(es) and were so very excited for me and with me. Old faces, new faces, wonderful bookstore people- just so much support. Pure amazingness.

• Being able to thank people who I love and who have supported me over the years by putting their names into print in the acknowledgements and dedications of my books. It’s a kick for me, I don’t really know if it’s the same for them, but assume it’s kind of neat-o.

• Going to New York and feeling overwhelmed and unworthy at times, but also feeling like I found “my people”.

• The writer friends I’ve made over the years. The book people I’ve met. My renewed respect for librarians and all that they do and booksellers who are so passionate about the written word.

• The numerous times I’ve been humbled. Don’t want me getting a big ol'ego head.

• An overall sense of finally finding me. The writer. The author. And striving to accept the kind of writer I am. And embrace those strengths and limitations and to be okay with it. And me.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Welcome, welcome to Kristina Springer, an amazing Young Adult Author with a new book coming out OCTOBER 11!

Is this an amazing cover, or is this an amazing cover????
Um yeah it's an amazing cover!

 Jamie Edwards has loved everything about growing up on a pumpkin patch, but ever since her cousin Milan Woods arrived, things have really stunk. Jamie can’t imagine it was easy for Milan to leave her life back in Los Angeles and move to Average, Illinois, population one thousand. But it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for her since (a) Milan’s drop-dead gorgeous; (b) she’s the daughter of two of Hollywood’s hottest film stars; (c) she’s captured the attention of everyone in town, including Danny, Jamie’s crush since forever; and (d) she’s about to steal the title of Pumpkin Princess right out from underneath Jamie!

Kristina is also the author of THE ESPRESSOLOGIST and MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS. She has a Masters in Writing from DePaul University and she resides in a suburb of Chicago with her husband and children.

Plus. She has really great hair. (Oh this MIGHT be Janet's addition to the bio) But seriously. Look at her hair. Covet, covet!

So, Kristina! Thanks for stopping by to let me snoop inside your brain  chat! Tell us! Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?

I am excellent! Most of the time. Really, if someone stresses to me NOT to say something then I won't. But I do have a really hard time not telling at least my husband and mom.

True date. Word to my teen friends (did I really just say word to my teen friends?)  when you get older, please know that it is very hard not to tell your husband most of the secrets you hear. Much harder than not telling a boyfriend imo.  Btw Kristina- I love that you have a close enough relationship with your mom that you tell her stuff (like secrets!)

Do you easily forgive friends for their mistakes? What is something you could never forgive a friend for?

Totally. I know no one is perfect and I don't have the energy to hold grudges. Even when I thought there was something completely unforgivable and I'd never forgive the person for? I still got over that about 6 months later. Now if a friend hurt someone in my family or made moves on my husband or something-- yeah I don't think I'd forgive that.

Also note teen friends, no making moves on future friends' husbands. Okay. So let’s just go ahead and stereotype Kristina for a moment! What kind of a teen were you, as in what “group” did you associate with? (cheerleader, Goth, nerd, jock , loner etc.)

Total dork! I was in all the school musicals, swing choir (we were so not Glee but it was cute anyway), and I played the flute in band.

Dorks for-evah! And um, could someone please explain to me what a swing choir is?  I should have done the musical thing in high school, but I was too busy getting into trouble.  Do-over! Anyhow, I know swing band is not what I'm imagining in my head. (shaking images from my head and returning to teen Kristina) So, describe for us your fave teen outfit.

Jeans and a tee shirt.

Simple and classic, no? So. If you could go back to high school knowing now what you didn’t know then, what is one thing you would change? What do you wish you could have told your teen self

Hmm, I probably wouldn't have sprayed my bangs up so high. I would have avoided the hair dryer and curling irons too. And I wish I would have taught my teen self proper facial care! I don't think I figured out the whole face wash, toners, moisturizers thing until college.

Ha ha ha. The bangs cracked me up! And proper facial care. Oh yes. Based on my serious face wrinkleage, I think I still need to figure that out.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by to chat about secrets and swing bands and hair!!!

You can find Kristina on her website at

And don't forget to check out  JUST AN AVERAGE PRINCESS OCTOBER 11!

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Delay and .........Winners

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners of a signed copy of I'M NOT HER and a copy of IF I TELL when it releases.

I was away building a cabin with the family.  Which I could moan and complain about but what's the point really?

So without further babbling from yours truly-- from the followers, tweets and comments here are the two winners!

ROGIER (new follower)

PRECIOUS (precious_shusky at yahoo dot com)

Please get ahold of me so I can send you the books!

Also, if you didn't win this round,  SOURCEBOOKS put up an AMAZING draw for 15 copies of I'M NOT HER on Goodreads. Click   HERE


Can you please email me at write4me at so I can get all the deets etc and send you out the copies!

Thanks for playing!!!!