Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remembering some things a published author should be thankful for.

I haven’t done a thankful Thursday post for a while and I feel a need. My soul feels the desire to pause for a moment to ingest the imaginary scent of virtual roses.

As I get close to my second book launch this year and feel some shame because I’m constantly shouting at the world about myself and my books on Twitter and Facebook--as I spend too much time stalking Goodreads and book blogs for reviews and words about my work--I need to remember that I have so much to be thankful for to be where I am. Right now. Not where I want to be. Not where I hope to be, but where I am. This second.

It’s easy in the crazy world of book publishing to get caught up in the ‘need to do’s’, the ‘have to do’s’ the’ want to do’s’ and forget to just take it all in. Inhale the incredibly wonderful thing that it is to have a book published and appear in bookstores. Exhale the feeling similar to being exposed to the world in your underpants.

Things I’m thankful for (in no particular order) And I will forget some important ones. So I’ll probably have to add to this next week. But for now…

• Readers who get my books and take the time to tell me that they like my work. My ego, she does like to be stroked.

• Good book reviews from professional reviewers. Sigh. The feeling it is delicious.

• My editor Leah Hultenschimdt who is a pleasure to work with and so very supportive.

• Kay Mitchell, the publicist at Sourcebooks who I want to miniaturize and carry around in my pocket because I love her so much. Heck all the Sourcebooks group who are truly fantastic. Really.

• My friends and family who came to my book launch(es) and were so very excited for me and with me. Old faces, new faces, wonderful bookstore people- just so much support. Pure amazingness.

• Being able to thank people who I love and who have supported me over the years by putting their names into print in the acknowledgements and dedications of my books. It’s a kick for me, I don’t really know if it’s the same for them, but assume it’s kind of neat-o.

• Going to New York and feeling overwhelmed and unworthy at times, but also feeling like I found “my people”.

• The writer friends I’ve made over the years. The book people I’ve met. My renewed respect for librarians and all that they do and booksellers who are so passionate about the written word.

• The numerous times I’ve been humbled. Don’t want me getting a big ol'ego head.

• An overall sense of finally finding me. The writer. The author. And striving to accept the kind of writer I am. And embrace those strengths and limitations and to be okay with it. And me.



  1. "An overall sense of finally finding me." <<The best one on the list, in my opinion. :) Isn't that what we all strive for? Congrats on your achievements, and I cannot wait for IF I TELL! :)