Thursday, November 22, 2012

GET REAL Day 5- Arizona and Changing Hands!

I've always had a bit of a crush on Arizona. How can you not? The weather. The Cactus. The cool architecture? And now I can add a couple more things to my list.

Miranda, Bailey, Laura, Robin, Lisa and me!
An AMAZING BOOKSTORE- CHANGING HANDS. So many cute things in the store I almost went into 'want' overload. And Robin. The hostess with the mostess. She sure knows how to put on an event! They get some crazy cool people at that bookstore, and it was an honor to be included.

And Bailey Hewlett. The cutest blogger ever who took us all for the most amazing pizza. I still dream about that pizza. True story.  Bailey also interviewed us for her blog.
Find Bailey's Post and Video Here

This was a really amazing event and I had so much fun.

Yup. We had Baskin Robbin's!

Aprilynne Pike came by! Amazing Author and local. And Kimberly Little also drove out for the Get Real event, she's another amazing YA author. Lots of other wonderful bloggers who we got to go for ice cream with after. And sit OUTSIDE in the SUNSHINE eating it. In NOVEMBER. Let's just say it made this Canadian girl happy.

We got to stay the night in Chandler and then up early the next morning to go meet up with our SPECIAL GUEST STAR Geoff Herbach (Stupid Fast). Good bye warm GET REAL tour weather. We were on to Minneapolis!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GET REAL TOUR Day 3 and 4!!

Whoa. I think I'm STILL recovering from the jet lag and excitement. But finally, here's Day 3 and 4 in Reader's Digest form!!

We were still in the California sunshine on Day 3 and had quite a bit of free time in the morning to enjoy it! I started my day with some writing and then went for a walk along a board walk and smiled at the sunshine. Yes I really did. Later I did some more writing of Book 5 (which may be called BECAUSE OF YOU in case you are keeping track or anything)

Actually, Miranda was busy writing the whole trip as she had an earlier deadline for her upcoming book Racing Savanah! So while the sisters went to brunch and got their toe nails done, we did a little work and then met up in the lobby and then headed to Alamdea California!

In the afternoon we went to another amazing bookstore, BOOKS INC and were delighted by Jerry, our wonderful host who rumor has it, has a disco ball in his living room. It was a great event and we were SO excited to meet more bloggers, including Bella from Paranormal and Jean from Jean the Book Nerd! She even gave us buttons! The ladies were super fun and it was a great event!

Afterwards we rushed back to the car to hurry to the airport. On the way we spotted a car that was literally smoking and on fire. A fender bender that was thankfully dent free happened, a couple more mishaps and things that shall remain on tour and then we were back in the airport to catch a flight to LA!

The next day, Lisa and Laura had relatives to lunch with and Miranda wanted to write, so I wandered around Promenade Avenue in LA and enjoyed the sun and some awesome buskers! Such a treat. We then all met up at Barnes and Nobles for a signing and presentation! Shane from 3rd Street B&N was a great host and had most awesome shoes. Here's some of the swag that was given away at the event!
Afterwards we had time to go to dinner.  As the old lady on the trip I was super double duper excited to be asked for ID at a bar. Seriously I know the bouncer was only doing it to be nice to me but I still thought it was one of the best things EVER!!! And he pretended to think I was young. Ha ha ha!!! I professed love to him forever and ever.

After a great dinner we were off to a late flight to Arizona.  For Day 4!! Planes and automobiles. Trains come later!

Friday, November 16, 2012


I still have to finish my GET REAL tour updates and I promise they're coming. But let's pause for a moment and stare at my new cover for HOW I LOST YOU. It's out May 1st. A book about the incredible bond of best friends!


Grace and Kya always do everything together, and nothing can get in the way of their friendship. They have a pact: Sisters Before Misters. Buds Before Studs.

Only Grace knows what Kya's been through, or how much she needs someone to stick by her. No Matter What. Besides, Kya keeps life exciting-pulling Grace into things she'd never dare do on her own.

But inch by inch, daring is starting to turn dangerous. And Grace will have to decide how far she can go to save her friendship with Kya...before she ends up losing everything else.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The Canadian on the book tour, aka, ME was so thrilled to stop down in San Francisco because it was super warm and delightful.  There should NOT be snow in October,  Mother Nature. Just saying!

Lisa reading from Lies That Bind
So we all started early, met up in the lobby at 6am and off to the airport to drop off our car. The car rental dudes were most annoying and took up lots of extra time at the drop off. I've never been to such friggin huge airports where you have to take shuttles just to get to the rental places. So we shuttled off to the gates and we were running late. We begged and pleaded to get our baggage checked and ran and sweated our way to the security line.  I had a momentary moment of travel rage when a rude boy butted in front of me as I was racing to get through and to the gate on time.  Fortunately it was momentary.

I also was asked to remove my sweater and underneath I had on a see through shirt. I apologize to all the other travellers for that little incident.

Luckily we got our flights on time and the car rental in San Francisco was easy peasy.

Miranda reading from Catching Jordan

Our first stop was for FOOD as we were all starving. We ate quickly in the car before rushing to ALBANY high school.  We met with a lovely group of students in the library and then presented to a classroom full of kids who were funny and asked lots of questions.  A couple of the boys also whistled at Lisa and Laura, which made me giggle.  Honestly, I would have whistled at them too. Not only were they born with talent and personality plus, they're beautiful!!
With Librarian Sara O!
Rena from A Great Good Book Place!
After the school visit we checked into our hotel and then were off to a quick dinner at an Italian restaurant....mmmmmmm.  We then went to the most adorable book store called A GREAT GOOD PLACE for books. Owner Kathleen Caldwell was amazing as were Rena and Carolyn. We also met Nancy, Tales of a Ravenous Read and others and had an intimate chat about books.  Such a great time!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Get Real Book Tour Day 1!


So I'm back from a whirlwind GET REAL book tour with  fellow Contemporary Sourcebooks authors, Miranda Kenneally, author of Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker and Lisa and Laura Roecker, authors of The Liar Society and The Lies that Bind!

It was a pretty amazing time to say the least. Super busy most days and lots of sleep deprivation but I have to say that these ladies were amazing to travel with. We had lots and lots of laughs and met some amazing book bloggers, librarians, teachers, book sellers and readers along the way.  The GET REAL tour was a great opportunity to get out and talk about our contemporary books. Contemp for the win!!!

We did nine cities in 10 days, so it all kind of runs together when I try to remember the tour as a whole, so I thought the best bet would be to break it down and do it day by day!

Third Place Books

We all arrived in Seattle at different times, so the other authors picked me up from the airport and we had a couple hours to see a little bit of Seattle before the book store event.

It was pretty surreal to be standing at the curb at the airport in Seattle and hear my name being shouted out. Miranda, Lisa and Laura were all in the car and buzzing with good tour starting energy! I hopped in and off we went! 

We had all had the chance to meet at ALA in California in the summer so it was like meeting up with old friends! We drove into Seattle and got to go on a gigantic Seattle Ferris Wheel.  Then we checked out a cool market and I saw lots of dead fish! Always a great start to a book tour?!

After paying off our PARKING TICKET (true), we went off to dinner. We met up with MANDY HUBBARD, amazing author and agent extraordinaire.  At THIRD PLACE BOOKS we were greeted by manager Wendy. I also got to meet lovely author Stasia Ward Kehoe. Katherine Bond fellow Sourcebooks author and her son also came out to hear us chat!

Blogger Anna Pett of Peace Love and Fiction, is adorable and energetic and gave each of us Book Magnets. We all squeed over them!

It was a great first day and afterwards we got back to our hotel and I was awarded with a fresh hot cookie which I scarfed back immediately before bed!

I'm  excited to go BACK to Seattle for ALA in January. Such a beautiful city, very much like Vancouver in BC! Can't wait to explore it a little more!  See you in JANUARY!!!