Monday, March 24, 2014

Divergent Movie somehow turns into How I Lost You rambling.

Last night I went to see the Divergent movie with my son and my husband. (There may have been over consumption of popcorn during viewing of the movie.)

So. I enjoyed the movie. I was a little worried about it from the trailers but I ended up liking it. I know some people are saying things changed in the movie vs book, but honestly it was so long since I read it that I couldn't remember and didn't recognize the differences.

I liked the girl who played Tris. I was not all that sold on the actor who played Four. He was handsome and he was a good actor and he's probably a really nice person and someones favorite son, but to me there was a little bit of a lack of chemistry between the two? Maybe it's just that his character is a bit harder to like than say, Peeta. Because it's really hard not to compare those movies. And I have to say, Hunger Games the movie won over Divergent the movie, while when I read Divergent I remember saying I liked Divergent the book better. Interesting.

Anyhow. Like I said, I liked the movie. Did it do the book justice? I don't know.  My son and I read the book a couple of years ago but I do remember loving it. I like the movie. I didn't love it.

This was in no way meant to be a slam. No. I will see the next movie when it comes out. And I kept thinking how Shailee (is that how you spell her name?) would be in John Green's movie too. I'm looking forward to that one to. The Fault In Our Stars.

I wish a movie person would make a movie out of HOW I LOST YOU. I think Shailee could be Grace in that movie too.  Speaking of HOW I LOST YOU. It's crazy how many reads that book has gotten over at WATTPAD. Over 1.2 million. That's a lot. Too bad all those people didn't buy a physical book, ha ha. Everyone on Wattpad is asking for a sequel, and yes, I did leave a lot to the reader's imagination. That said, I'm going to write an epilogue for readers on Wattpad to tie those ends up, because in my mind I know what happens.

In the book I'm writing now, THE TRUTH ABOYT US, the book that is stuck on the hard drive of my other laptops (but that's a whole other post that could end in tears and ranting) The Truth About Us, James shows up and so does Steven Blender. Steve Blender is a BAD BOY. That's all I say about that right now.

Anyhow, true rambling. Hello movie producers looking for a contemporary film about two girls and how they lose their friendship while playing kick ass paintball. You should read How I Lost You.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Yeah, so a couple months zipped by without me posting any blogs. (hangs head in shame)

I have been BUSY though. That's an excuse right???

I am currently working on my 6th Sourcebooks Fire book called THE TRUTH ABOUT US. It's due pretty soon so I'm on a fierce deadline.

I'm also writing an MG series for Capstone Books about MERMAIDS. There's four books to the series and they're super cute and fun to write, but they have deadlines as well!

Plus, I'm taking a Magazine Writing Course and writing magazine articles. All this while working on some promotional "stuff" for 16 Things I Thought Were True!!!


And now it's only 2 days. 2. DAYS!!

And 16 Things will be out on bookshelves and online.  March 4!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!!

Hope that if you buy a copy, you like the book! I hope you feel for Morgan as she negotiates her way into real life. And fall as much in love with Amy and Adam as I did!

I have a BOOK TO GIVE AWAY. And a 16 THINGS I THOUGHT WERE TRUE  Long Sleeve T-shirt!

All you have to do is leave a comment with something YOU THOUGHT WAS TRUE, and I'll do a random draw on March 4. Like in TWO DAYS!!!!!


INDIE BOUND- find it at your local indie bookstore!