Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Booklist likes WHO I KISSED!

A great review from Booklist!! Yay!!

Can kissing kill? Sammy is condemned to believe so, and her classmates are only too quick to agree. In the confusing whirl of a party, when another girl is making a hostile takeover of the boy Sammy really likes, Sammy bounces to another admirer. In a turn of events that may strain credulity at first, Sammy’s kissing partner, Alex, goes into anaphylactic shock and dies on his way to the hospital. (Alex had a severe peanut allergy, and it turns out that Sammy ate a peanut butter sandwich before the party.) New to the school and just beginning to make social strides, Sammy retreats into tortured guilt and isolation, gives up her passion of swimming, and goes into therapy. There is more to the truth, of course, and the story resolves in a believable way. Without excess heavy-handedness, Gurtler weaves a tale of collective responsibility as several teens reflect on their actions that one fateful night. A well-crafted story about a student’s fight to feel normal again when a community of peers turns on her. — Anne O’Malley

Monday, October 15, 2012

Who I Kissed Book Launch

Tiptoeing in to the blog. I've been quiet, yes? Well. Not really, but quiet on here.

So now WHO I KISSED is out in the world. On the shelves! Have you bought your copy? Tee hee. I hope so!

I had my launch party this weekend at my local INDIGO CHAPTERS store. An amazing set up and the best staff and management to make sure it all went smoothly.  I love me some booksellers!!

My book cookies arrived in the final hour, in time for the party. So pretty, and as a bonus, very delicious!

And then we had the CUPCAKES. I ordered small ones this time and they were so pretty and so good!

I was really happy with all the wonderful people who came out for the event.  My friends, swimmers and two of my fave teen readers, Hailey (like the comet, ha ha, Hailey I got it right) and Shy. And thanks to my writer peeps too. And Angela Ackerman for taking such awesome photos!!

The staff at Chapters SHAWNESSY were so great and I got to meet one of the staff who I met on twitter!

It's really cool to get dressed in real clothes and put on make-up and actually talk to people in a bookstore where the end result of all my sitting on my butt alone and typing into a laptop finally comes to life. Long run on sentence, but it really is the best way to celebrate having a book in book stores!

Soon I'll be doing a cover reveal for my next book out in May, 2013 called HOW I LOST YOU. And I'm working on another new book that will come out in 2014!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and my books along the way. BLOGGERS YAY! BOOKSELLERS YAY! LIBRARIES AND LIBRARIANS YAY! READERS  YAY YAY!! And of course all my supportive and wonderful friends and family!!!

From Angela....

Bieber longs for WHO I KISSED.