Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer, Panels and If I Tell

Yesterday I met with writer pals and blog geniuses - Angela Ackerman and Stina Lindenblatt to discuss our panel at the upcoming When Words Collide Writers Conference.

We met at the beach.  Yeah. Life is tough like that sometimes. Anyhow, while Stina and my kids roamed around (Ang's are old enough to fend for themselves) we talked about Writing YA. It was good for the soul and interesting and of course there was a *little* general conversation about books and the publishing life.

Today was a great day too! I saw a wonderful, wonderful glowing review sheet that Kay Mitchell, Publicist Extraordinaire put together for publishing people. It is beautiful and full of wonderful quotes from readers who loved I'M NOT HER. Of course, readers who did not were purposefully ignored. (kidding, kidding, kidding. Sort of.)

I also got word that I'M NOT HER was on the Sony Reader's Ebook Staff Picks. Cool beans, yes.

Best of all I got to have a conversation with my lovely editor at Sourcebooks, and we talked about a new book idea that I am SOOOOOO excited about and she loved the idea too! Yay! Great news! Now all I have to do is write it! Oh. Wait. That's kind of the hard part.

But seriously I haven't been this pumped about a new book for a long time, so let's hope it all works out and there will be some official  news soon!!! But meanwhile, back at the book store...

I am starting to realize too, that IF I TELL comes out in less than 3 months. Oh my GOSH. Less than three months. 

Please love my book world.  No pressure. But please. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing in Action

I have been completely missing in action! Yes I have. I have been to Winnipeg for my niece's grad and she is far too beautiful for her own good. Hee hee.

Niece and Grandma

I also had a wonderful book signing at the amazing INDIE - McNally Robinson. Such a great store and wonderful people who work there! Some old friends came by and I even did a reading!!

Came home for two parties and then immediately headed to BC for cabin building. And no Internet. Eek! No Internet! I painted and painted but also managed to find a couple hours to finish my short story for the Debs FIRST anthology. Whew!!

Back home now for a quick few days and then back to BC. Did I mention the pile of laundry I am facing today??? Did I mention how behind I am on all my writing "stuff"? Did I mention I haven't exercised and that I've been eating nonstop for weeks??

Oh and I also learned just yesterday that I am a new AUNTIE!!! My younger brother and his wife and son are the proud new parents of a little baby girl from China. They will be going to pick her up in China to welcome her to their family in September. So excited for them. It was a long time coming and they will be fabulous. I can't wait to meet her though we live so far away I may have to wait awhile.

Last of the good review of I'M NOT HER came in for the SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL. And they liked it, they really liked it!!! Hooray!!!!!

"The author seamlessly develops complexity in all of the characters ...This quick and heartbreaking read realistically shows how one person’s illness affects an entire community"