Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 has a nice ring to it! A friend commented recently that even years are so much better and I totally agree!

Not that 2013 was so bad.  The worst thing that happened, didn't even happen to me, it happened to poor wee 13.  Broke his foot a couple of weeks ago and out of the swimming pool for a month. Tough break (literally) for a competitive swimmer.  He's a distance guy and has worked so hard this year and was soooooo close to the time he wanted and then.....fracture. 

He'll heal and all will be well I hope, I just felt so bad for him when after two weeks, we thought he'd be back in the pool and the doc put him back on crutches with no activity for another two weeks.

Anyhow......Christmas holidays weres good. Cold.  Overindulgence. But my sister hosted us this year and I got to see lots of family and catch up with some friends, so a great way to spend the season!

As for 2013, well, lots of great things happened last year. I'm going to spread out my celebration of last year over the next few days. In the meantime, here's a huge celebration for 2014!!

16 Things I Thought Were True was picked as a JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD selection.  This made me really, really happy! I've gone back to the website approximately 1, 000,000 times, give or take, to make sure it really is true. And well. Yes!!! It is!!


What a great thing to find out to ring out 2013 and ring in 2014!!

Hope you had a great holiday season.  I have a good feeling about 2014! Let's do this thing!!