Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The Canadian on the book tour, aka, ME was so thrilled to stop down in San Francisco because it was super warm and delightful.  There should NOT be snow in October,  Mother Nature. Just saying!

Lisa reading from Lies That Bind
So we all started early, met up in the lobby at 6am and off to the airport to drop off our car. The car rental dudes were most annoying and took up lots of extra time at the drop off. I've never been to such friggin huge airports where you have to take shuttles just to get to the rental places. So we shuttled off to the gates and we were running late. We begged and pleaded to get our baggage checked and ran and sweated our way to the security line.  I had a momentary moment of travel rage when a rude boy butted in front of me as I was racing to get through and to the gate on time.  Fortunately it was momentary.

I also was asked to remove my sweater and underneath I had on a see through shirt. I apologize to all the other travellers for that little incident.

Luckily we got our flights on time and the car rental in San Francisco was easy peasy.

Miranda reading from Catching Jordan

Our first stop was for FOOD as we were all starving. We ate quickly in the car before rushing to ALBANY high school.  We met with a lovely group of students in the library and then presented to a classroom full of kids who were funny and asked lots of questions.  A couple of the boys also whistled at Lisa and Laura, which made me giggle.  Honestly, I would have whistled at them too. Not only were they born with talent and personality plus, they're beautiful!!
With Librarian Sara O!
Rena from A Great Good Book Place!
After the school visit we checked into our hotel and then were off to a quick dinner at an Italian restaurant....mmmmmmm.  We then went to the most adorable book store called A GREAT GOOD PLACE for books. Owner Kathleen Caldwell was amazing as were Rena and Carolyn. We also met Nancy, Tales of a Ravenous Read and others and had an intimate chat about books.  Such a great time!

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