Monday, November 12, 2012

Get Real Book Tour Day 1!


So I'm back from a whirlwind GET REAL book tour with  fellow Contemporary Sourcebooks authors, Miranda Kenneally, author of Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker and Lisa and Laura Roecker, authors of The Liar Society and The Lies that Bind!

It was a pretty amazing time to say the least. Super busy most days and lots of sleep deprivation but I have to say that these ladies were amazing to travel with. We had lots and lots of laughs and met some amazing book bloggers, librarians, teachers, book sellers and readers along the way.  The GET REAL tour was a great opportunity to get out and talk about our contemporary books. Contemp for the win!!!

We did nine cities in 10 days, so it all kind of runs together when I try to remember the tour as a whole, so I thought the best bet would be to break it down and do it day by day!

Third Place Books

We all arrived in Seattle at different times, so the other authors picked me up from the airport and we had a couple hours to see a little bit of Seattle before the book store event.

It was pretty surreal to be standing at the curb at the airport in Seattle and hear my name being shouted out. Miranda, Lisa and Laura were all in the car and buzzing with good tour starting energy! I hopped in and off we went! 

We had all had the chance to meet at ALA in California in the summer so it was like meeting up with old friends! We drove into Seattle and got to go on a gigantic Seattle Ferris Wheel.  Then we checked out a cool market and I saw lots of dead fish! Always a great start to a book tour?!

After paying off our PARKING TICKET (true), we went off to dinner. We met up with MANDY HUBBARD, amazing author and agent extraordinaire.  At THIRD PLACE BOOKS we were greeted by manager Wendy. I also got to meet lovely author Stasia Ward Kehoe. Katherine Bond fellow Sourcebooks author and her son also came out to hear us chat!

Blogger Anna Pett of Peace Love and Fiction, is adorable and energetic and gave each of us Book Magnets. We all squeed over them!

It was a great first day and afterwards we got back to our hotel and I was awarded with a fresh hot cookie which I scarfed back immediately before bed!

I'm  excited to go BACK to Seattle for ALA in January. Such a beautiful city, very much like Vancouver in BC! Can't wait to explore it a little more!  See you in JANUARY!!!


  1. Fun!! It sounded like an awesome tour from what I heard from you guys on Twitter. If you had been anywhere at all near me I so would have been there. =)