Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GET REAL TOUR Day 3 and 4!!

Whoa. I think I'm STILL recovering from the jet lag and excitement. But finally, here's Day 3 and 4 in Reader's Digest form!!

We were still in the California sunshine on Day 3 and had quite a bit of free time in the morning to enjoy it! I started my day with some writing and then went for a walk along a board walk and smiled at the sunshine. Yes I really did. Later I did some more writing of Book 5 (which may be called BECAUSE OF YOU in case you are keeping track or anything)

Actually, Miranda was busy writing the whole trip as she had an earlier deadline for her upcoming book Racing Savanah! So while the sisters went to brunch and got their toe nails done, we did a little work and then met up in the lobby and then headed to Alamdea California!

In the afternoon we went to another amazing bookstore, BOOKS INC and were delighted by Jerry, our wonderful host who rumor has it, has a disco ball in his living room. It was a great event and we were SO excited to meet more bloggers, including Bella from Paranormal and Jean from Jean the Book Nerd! She even gave us buttons! The ladies were super fun and it was a great event!

Afterwards we rushed back to the car to hurry to the airport. On the way we spotted a car that was literally smoking and on fire. A fender bender that was thankfully dent free happened, a couple more mishaps and things that shall remain on tour and then we were back in the airport to catch a flight to LA!

The next day, Lisa and Laura had relatives to lunch with and Miranda wanted to write, so I wandered around Promenade Avenue in LA and enjoyed the sun and some awesome buskers! Such a treat. We then all met up at Barnes and Nobles for a signing and presentation! Shane from 3rd Street B&N was a great host and had most awesome shoes. Here's some of the swag that was given away at the event!
Afterwards we had time to go to dinner.  As the old lady on the trip I was super double duper excited to be asked for ID at a bar. Seriously I know the bouncer was only doing it to be nice to me but I still thought it was one of the best things EVER!!! And he pretended to think I was young. Ha ha ha!!! I professed love to him forever and ever.

After a great dinner we were off to a late flight to Arizona.  For Day 4!! Planes and automobiles. Trains come later!

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