Thursday, November 22, 2012

GET REAL Day 5- Arizona and Changing Hands!

I've always had a bit of a crush on Arizona. How can you not? The weather. The Cactus. The cool architecture? And now I can add a couple more things to my list.

Miranda, Bailey, Laura, Robin, Lisa and me!
An AMAZING BOOKSTORE- CHANGING HANDS. So many cute things in the store I almost went into 'want' overload. And Robin. The hostess with the mostess. She sure knows how to put on an event! They get some crazy cool people at that bookstore, and it was an honor to be included.

And Bailey Hewlett. The cutest blogger ever who took us all for the most amazing pizza. I still dream about that pizza. True story.  Bailey also interviewed us for her blog.
Find Bailey's Post and Video Here

This was a really amazing event and I had so much fun.

Yup. We had Baskin Robbin's!

Aprilynne Pike came by! Amazing Author and local. And Kimberly Little also drove out for the Get Real event, she's another amazing YA author. Lots of other wonderful bloggers who we got to go for ice cream with after. And sit OUTSIDE in the SUNSHINE eating it. In NOVEMBER. Let's just say it made this Canadian girl happy.

We got to stay the night in Chandler and then up early the next morning to go meet up with our SPECIAL GUEST STAR Geoff Herbach (Stupid Fast). Good bye warm GET REAL tour weather. We were on to Minneapolis!

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