Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silly Points To Ponder When faced with a Deadline

Oh! So I just got the official deadline for my third Sourcebooks YA,  Just Breathe aka The Peanut Butter Book which will have a new title soon.

I have been working on it on and off while I waited for the contract to come in and now it's official so I must get my butt in GEAR!!! There's a book to be finished baby!! I have to admit I kind of am a deadline person. There may or may not be a procrastinator living inside my head (okay there totally is). I like a little kick in the pants.

Plus, I really am very much in love with this story (remind me of this in a couple of months when I'm panicking!) so writing it is pleasurable. I hope it comes out as good as it presently is in my mind.
Of course, books are always incredibly brilliant before they're written. Yes. It is true!

 So while I'm thinking about this book I have also been pondering the following not so deep thoughts.

1. What happened to the guy who was married to Jerry Seinfeld's wife? The one she dumped after meeting Jerry and (apparently) traded up? Where is he now. Did he get paid off? Is he happy? Hmm.

2. What about the lady who was married to Julia Roberts husband when they hooked up. Vera something if memory serves me. Didn't Julia wear a rude shirt because she wouldn't divorce him? Oh Julia. Does she hate Julia's children? Does she boycott Julia's movies? Is she happy? I hope she got paid off. She deserves it. That would be hard to take.

3. What about George Clooney's ex-girlfriends? They must get a pretty good package when he lets them go? I'm starting to wonder about his sexual orientation. I can't help it. This new girlfriend of his just seems so conveniently timed. Do you think he's using these women to hide something else? Would that be a great job or WHAT? George Clooney's girlfriend. Hmm. If only I were younger. Taller. Thinner and you know, liked high heels and was um...single.

4. Is Jennifer Lopez really going to date Bradley Cooper. I love BC something fierce.  She doesn't seem his type. Renee Zellwfunnylast name and then JLo? I don't get it. I just don't.

5. And speaking of, I wonder if the rumors about Ben Affleck are true? Remember the way he spiralled downwards before he and JLo broke up? Does he love his wife. I love his wife. I think Jennifer Garner seems down to earth and you know, kind of real. Beautiful and she was in Alias dude. I miss Alisa. Anyhow, Ben kind of seems like a player. Is he still off the booze? I hope so. Does he still hang out with Matt Damon anymore? I love Matt. Does Ben's mom totally love Jennifer Garner? Is Ben still hung up on Gwyneth Paltrow.

You know, these are the kinds of things that are fun to think about when your mind starts getting all serious and deadline freaky.  I love me some movie star gossip. There I said it. It's true.

And if you know the answers to 1 or 2, please let me know.

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