Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IF I TELL- Danielle Joseph

Danielle Joseph is the author of SHRINKING VIOLET from MTV/Pocket Books and INDIGO BLUES and PURE RED (September 2011) from Flux Books.
When not writing, Danielle can be found listening to music, eating chocolate or swimming--sometimes all at once!
 For more info visit her website at: http://www.daniellejoseph.com/

First off, I would really like to see you swim while eating chocolate. But never mind that for now. Let's go to the questions. First. Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?

Danielle: Yes, I am. I attribute it to the fact that I have three sisters and adhere to the "sister code". That means no matter how mad we are at each other, we never spill one of our secrets to anyone, especially to our parents.

Ah. The sister code. Good practice for secret keeping indeed. So what about mistakes? Do you easily forgive friends for mistakes? What is something you could never forgive a friend for?

Danielle: Not so easily but it really depends on what they did. One thing I really can't stand is when people flat out lie. Luckily, that does not happen very often and I have made many great friends over the years.

Note. Do not lie to Danielle! Okay. So let’s just go ahead and stereotype you for a moment, okay! What kind of a teen were you, as in what “group” did you associate with?

Danielle: I'd say my group was the 90's version of goth. Grunge Punkers I'll call it!

Yay Grunge Punkers!!! So this should be interesting. Please describe your fave teen outfit.

Danielle: I usually went for comfort so I'll pick a pair of vintage blue jeans, Newbury Comics tee, black and white striped socks and my maroon Dr. Martens.

Swoon. Maroon Dr. Martens. I am in love with them. And you.  Okay, if you could go back to high school knowing now what you didn’t know then, what is one thing you would change? What do you wish you could have told your teen self?

Danielle: I would just tell myself that high school is not the end of the world and that really the world is waiting for you. The only thing I would change is how I dealt with the social situations. I would tell myself not to worry so much about what others think and do what I think is right. I believe we learn from experience and that is no different from what I did.

Yes. I totally know of what you speak. So much worry about people who were not worrying about me at all.  But it all brings us to where we are now and that is not such a bad thing.

Thank you for stopping by Danielle! And I know you have a great secret to share, so hopefully we'll hear more about that soon!!

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