Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WRITERS WANTED- Show me your words!

Hey YOU!!!
You've still got almost two weeks to enter the WHO I KISSED CONTEST!

I'm super excited about the entries I've already received and want to highlight a couple of the best ones over the next couple of days!

You've still got time to enter! Send your entry to whoikissed@gmail.com

THIS ONE is from From Linda Dudderidge, it's a HOT New Year's Eve Kiss in a delicious boy POV!!

Here it is!!!

    Rose tips her head back and stares at me, unfocused. "I know we just met, but would it be cool if we kissed at midnight? I've always wanted to start the year off doing something really awesome, like kissing a cute guy."
     "You want to ... I mean, yeah, uh sure." Smooth, Sam.
     She giggles again and pulls her arms tighter around my neck.
     Dozens of drunken voices drift down the stairs, counting down the seconds to when I get to kiss this amazing girl, and I can't wait until they get to 'one.'
     "Twelve ... eleven ... ten ..."
     I slip my hands to Rose's face, tracing a few of the freckles on her nose with my thumb. Her Nemo eyes stare at my lips, making me self-conscious. That's it, I'm not waiting.
     "Eight ... seven ... six ..."
      "One. " I pull her close and kiss her. She tastes like beer and chips .
     Upstairs, as everyone else hits the new year, there's a giant crash, some swearing and a roar of laughter. But Rose and I are wrapped up in this kiss that I would kill to keep going forever.
     After a few minutes, she pulls away, breathless, her eyes shining even brighter than before. "You cheated. You kissed me at 'five.'"
    "I couldn't wait." I smirk and shrug.
   "You couldn't wait five seconds?"
    "Hey, I'm not the one who --" I don't get to finish my thought because her lips are on mine again and she's got me backed against the wall. She runs her hands up inside my shirt, feeling my chest, so I figure hands under shirts are fair game and do the same to her.


It gets even hotter, but this is a taste of a really hot first kiss scene!

So. Send me your entry soon too, and you might be featured here and you might even WIN!!!!!

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