Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here's another entry in the WHO I KISSED contest.  This one is from Lisa McDonald and her WIP titled Chase Me.

Send me your entry to before September 30!!
I rolled my eyes, ready to retort, when Chase leaned over the seat. He placed a hand gently under my chin. Chills danced up my neck. He traced my jaw line and cheekbones. I almost closed my eyes to control the surge of longing, but I wanted to watch. I trembled like a frightened little kitten. He stared straight into my eyes. I tried to look down but he turned my chin up.

“You’re a piece of work,” he said gently. Somehow those ambiguous words sounded like a wonderful compliment. He leaned in closer and his full velvety lips pressed on mine. He moved them softly and seductively over my mouth and I shamelessly groaned. My head swirled around and I closed my eyes, focusing only on the wonderful sensations. When he pulled back from me, my eyes flew wide open.

“Good night.” He said it softly, smiling while I tried to collect myself.

What the hell? I shook my head to waggle off my burning desire to drop trou in the front seat of his dad's Porsche. With a few well-executed kisses I was feeling things I hadn’t experienced well. Ever. And then, bam. A bucket of ice.

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