Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Best Friends With Kimberly Derting

Hey y'all. Welcome to Best Friends Day Two. And today we have another FAVE author, Kimberley Derting. Have you read her books? You MUST! She is so talented. And prolific. And also NICE!

I'm super lucky that I've had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly a couple of times. The first time at a writing conference when I spilled cream ALL over her jeans. And she was GRACIOUS about it and I was so EMBARRASSED and ugh. The second time I met Kimberley was in Seattle and we met for dinner, along with several other writers and book bloggers. I was impressed with Kimberly again. She's such a lovely person on the outside and on the inside. The kind of person you can imagine yourself being friends with! So let get to the questions and talk to Kimberly about best friends!

So, did you have a best friend in high school? If you did, are you still in touch? How involved are you in each others’ lives now?
Kimberly:  I had several very close friends in junior high and high school that I’m still close with today, but throughout high school, my very best friend was Linette, and we’ve stayed friends ever since. We grew up together, watched each other get married and start families, our children have known one another since birth, we’ve vacationed together, celebrated weddings and birthdays and graduations, and sadly, have even shared the losses of family members. She’s really more like a sister than a friend. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we’d like, we still only live about fifteen minutes apart, and we text and talk on a regular basis.

That is so cool, that you're still that close with your best friend! What about fights with friends?

Kimberley: I’ve definitely had fights with my friends. The solution was always to talk it through. And to laugh...you can never laugh enough!

I know.  Laughing is a great way to ease stress in friend relationships for sure! So what is something your best friend did for you, that probably no other person would ever do.
Kimberly: We were not always “good girls” (meaning we may or may not have had drink or two before we were 21). Linette was the hold-your-hair while you puked kind of friend. She was also the sneak-off-of-campus-with-you and keep-your-secrets kind of friend. These are great qualities when you’re doing things you shouldn’t be doing.

Ha ha. I only laugh because I *may* have had my own moments. Of course, where I live the legal drinking age is only 18, so I got in trouble earlier. Legally anyhow. But enough of that. Don't drink kids. It will only cause you heart ache. Trust me. So. Back to friends, what did you love most about you teenage best friend?

Kimberly: Lin is one of the funniest people I know. She’s always loved to laugh, whether it was appropriate or not—something I can appreciate!

Belly laughs with best friends are so awesome. When your stomach and your cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. What drove you most crazy about your teenage best friend?
Kimberly: She was a neat freak. Not as bad as her twin sister, but a neat freak nonetheless. I, on the other hand, was a bit of a slob. This caused friction between us now and then. ;)

Um. Yes. I totally understand that. I always wished I was a neat freak, unfortunately I'm just..not. 
So lastly, what have you learned from your teen best friend?

Kimberley: I learned about the importance of putting your girlfriends first, a lesson I’ve tried to instill in my daughters as well. Lin met her husband while we were in high school, but she was never the kind of girl to ditch her friends for a guy (even for the love of her life!). She always made time for me and for him—sometimes by arranging strange double-dates with his friends, but it was better than being the third wheel. I never felt like I was less important to her just because she had a boyfriend, something I think a lot of girls struggle with. Boys come and go (usually), but your friendships can last forever.

Amen to that! Thanks so much Kimberly. It sounds like you and Lin have the best kind of best friendship!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kimberly Derting is the author of the BODY FINDER series (HarperCollins) and THE PLEDGE trilogy (Simon & Schuster). She lives in the Seattle area, with her husband and three children, who often find the outrageous things they say either in the pages of her books or posted on Twitter or Facebook for the entire world to see.
You can visit her website at www.kimberlyderting.com.

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