Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best Friends with Jennifer Jabaley

Jennifer Jabaley is a lovely young adult author who I often go to for Beta reads of my books. (now that's a friend!)

I've read and loved both her books and she has some other fabulous things on the go which you'll no doubt be reading in the near future!

Born in New York and raised in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Jennifer Jabaley is a graduate of James Madison University and Southern College of Optometry. She began writing in 2006 and tries to manage optometry, writing and motherhood. She lives in the North Georgia mountains with her husband and two children.

Okay, let's talk friends, did you have a best friend in high school? If you did, are you still in touch in any way?

JJ: Yes, I had a best friend in HS. She became my best friend in second grade and has remained my best friend to this day. I'm very lucky.

As a kid who moved around a lot, I'm amazed by stories like this. I can't imagine being friends with someone from 2nd grade. It must be so very cool!  Have you ever had a best friend betray you.  How did you handle it?

JJ:  No, I've never been betrayed by my best friend, ever. Yes, I realize how lucky I am. I did have friends betray me in both college and optometry school - it was a lesson for me to realize how incredibly lucky I was through elementary school, middle and high school to have a friend who supported me without jealousy, competition or insecurity. Of both the girls who betrayed me - we have reconnected through social media. One actually apologized the other didn't officially apologize but has been very friendly - I guess hoping that time has healed all wounds.
Sometimes I think we do things that we regret when we have some time and perspective? Probably. I hope so. Back to the good...what is something your best friend did for you, that probably no other person would ever do.

JJ: My best friend has been there for me through everything - heartache, hardship, new jobs, new love, new cities, new careers...she's been my go-to on the phone therapist through all the tough times and she's been there to celebrate all the good times. 
That's so great. A phone therapist, love it! So what did you love most about you teenage best friend?

 JJ:  I love that I can absolutely be myself around my best friend. No pretense. No explanation. I know she'll always accept me.
Being yourself and being accepted for it is one of the best things in the world! What did you learn from your best teen friend?

JJ: What I learned from my best friend, through the years, is that friendship is give and take...sometimes one person will need more, sometime they'll need less. But in the end there's always a balance. A best friend will be there to listen to the little problems with the same interest as the big ones. She won't judge you for your insecurities and will celebrate with you with your accomplishments. A best friend makes life sweeter.

 Yay for awesome best friends like Jennifer Jabaley's! Thanks so much for stopping by to share the wisdom and blessings of your best friend!!


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