Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writing with a Partner

I wish I had a really awesome writing partner, as in a co-author. How fun would that be? 

Like Lisa and Laura cool are they and how fun would it be to write with your sister?

Or David Levithan and John Green. Two YA superstahs...

Or April Henry and Lis Wiehl

I would love to do a book with a co-author.  A male one.  So John or David can certainly feel free to give me a call. But no. For now, here's my new writing partner, Bruce.
Bruce as a puppy

Bruce trying to take over my lap
He's in a daily struggle with me. He wants my whole lap. I guess we just haven't got our groove on yet. 

Meeko, thecutestdogintheentireworldwhometherdemisemuchtooearly, used to snuggle beside me on a pillow. We had time to work it out. But Bruce, the new and now slightly weighty Chihuahua, thinks the lap where the laptop belongs, is strictly for his personal use. I kick him off over and over again because our arrangement doesn't leave room for the laptop, and yet he crawls back until finally he goes to his crate to pout. Poor Bruce. He's only been around a few weeks and I have faith we'll get our partnership on track.

In the meantime. Other rock star authors who want to co-author can give me a call.


  1. Awww Bruce is too cute!!! I agree, the co-author thing is pretty cool. L&L do it seamlessly!

  2. I'm still waiting for my phone to ring. Or an email. Gah. I can be reached on Facebook. How about a text?

    Oh. It's just Bruce. Looking for my lap.

  3. He is cute!

    I'm reading (finally) The Liar Society. I can see when you co-author a book and the two of you and writing from different POV characters. But how do Lisa and Laura manage to do the voice? Isn't that like personal? :D