Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sneak Peek and First Vlog!

Not sure the words and the mouth match, and just used a basic webcam so it's not fancy or edited, (kicking it old school :)) but here's a sneak peek reading of I'M NOT HER. 

Me, reading from the first chapter....


  1. I'm in class so I can't listen yet! But I saw today that it's what, three weeks, until I'M NOT HER is out!? Whoaaaaaaaaa!

  2. It was nice to hear the first chapter read by you, and to see what the cover might look like 'in person'. I've already ordered a copy (TBD, and it's already on its way, apparently). Can't wait! :D I have a monster TBR though, so we'll see when I can read it haha.