Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

1. I feel so social today. Went for coffee with Mom's from son's school this morning and going out tonight with some other mom friends.  Enjoying the camaraderie. Adult conversation with real people instead of imaginary ones.  This might catch on!!

2.  Progress on my newest novel or ,WIP Instinct is going WELL. Finally!!! As in plot epiphanies. Wooo wooo. Still lots to do on the back half of the story, but it's all coming together. If it sells, it will be a SERIES. Paranormal series. How cool is that? Well, no counting before hatching and all, but it's nice to have progress!

3. Bruce Almighty has arrived. A boy dog. With a penis and everything. Kind of weird. He's cute and fat and spoiled rotten, so he'll fit in our household just fine.  Bruce belongs to my husband's Aunt and Uncle and they are moving to another country and needed a home for him and so now he is with us.

4.  I'M NOT HER ARC's are being sent out to book bloggers this week!  Exciting!

5. Jodi Picoult tweeted me. Yes. She totally did.  I am feeling rather fan-girl and squealy about it. I saw something in her newest book that struck me as really funny and asked her about it on twitter and she tweeted me back.  #technologycanbesocool

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