Friday, April 1, 2011

Freaky Friday!

It's Friday. Yes. I am that observant! Quick someone hand me a cookie!

Actually it's quite a feat to remember what day it is, as I spent the week out at the cabin covered in insulation. Itchy and scratchy. One day runs into the next when you're stuffing walls with fibreglass, but now we're home again and life is returning to normal and it's Friday and April and I take a deep breath and realize....

Only 29 days until I'M NOT HER releases!!

Now that is FREAKY!

Shouldn't I be giving things away? Doing more stuff???

I have an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. Does that count???

I am doing some work behind the scenes, but I have much more to do. I have planned a book launch for Calgary!  I'm doing a Walk for Kids on May 1. I have some author talks and will be learning how to Skype and Kay Mitchell at Sourcebooks(the publicist)  is busy behind the scenes setting things up.

Happy April Fools Day! I didn't even plan a prank. Not my thing so much.
I think I'll just go back to stalking the Internet and feeling anxious/excited!


  1. Happy stalking, lol! And....

    29 days!!!!!

    Just in case the nerves were settling :P

  2. I just downloaded SKYPE and used it for the first time - piece of cake! Enjoy the excitement!