Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. I went on a diet yesterday. I lasted for 8 hours before I went off of it. I don't think I lost any weight.

2. 25 days until I'M NOT HER Releases. I'm freaking out a little inside. :)

3. I have a couple of posts this week about my drinking past. One is here and the other is here. I feel kind of naked admitting I was a boozing lush-head to anyone who cares to read about it online. But I figure if one teen (or even an adult like person) sees my post and it makes them think about their own drinking. Well. It's kind of worth it to tell the truth sometimes.  Tell it like it is-ism. It's a disease people.

4. I am feeling the need to do charity work as a family. Like serving dinners at homeless shelters or something with hub and Superson. I think I need to atone for my sins (see above) I just haven't done anything about it yet. Must. Get. On. That.

5. I am starting to LIKE watching the Home and Garden channel. Curse you husband and your Mr. Fix It ways.

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  1. Hi, Janet! Thanks for following at Book Dreaming. I'M NOT HER looks wonderful!! :-)