Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. I do not like writing a synopsis. It is hard to summarize an entire novel in a couple of pages in a way that sounds even remotely exciting.

2. My stomach is not happy. Mexico and my stomach did not get along. I can quit you Mexico. Yes I can. I liked your beaches and your warmth, but it will take a while before I forget this.

3. I have been eating bread, bagels, muffins and butter exclusively for almost five days. I am feeling the weight as it piles back on. Curse you  Mexico.

4. Explaining to a non writer how you can be on the computer for six hours and still not be done all your "stuff" is kind of a hard.

5. I don't like it when people call writing books a hobby. 

6. I love spell check.

7. I like eating cinnamon toast and bagels even though my body doesn't. 

8. I owe my mom a phone call.

9. I have never Skyped. Maybe I should start with my mom?

1 comment:

  1. Love #4! This happens with boys I'm dating often. "Hurry up and finish so that we can go to dinner tonight." Ummmm I will NEVER be finished! hahaha