Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sister's Saturday with THE ROECKER sisters!!

There are some people with such a knack for warm, quirky humor that when you read their blogs and tweets you feel an immediate desire to be their best friend forever.  Lisa and Laura Roecker are totally those people.

And they're sisters! Who wouldn't want a sister relationship like these two have?? I mean they write books together. That just rocks hard.  And they're funny and made of win and the witty blogs and tweets make you feel giggly inside!

Let's talk to Lisa and Laura!! Hey Roeckers, how did you two decide to become “sister authors?”

L&L:  We decided on one of our many, random late-night phone calls. At the time, Laura lived in Baltimore and was on maternity leave and Lisa was doing the day job thing. We had both always wanted to write a book, but it was more or less one of those things we both said in passing. Once we teamed up and thought of a fabulous idea (um, yeah, turns out our fabulous idea was anything but), we just kind of dove into writing head first. Plus, Laura taught middle school and had read a lot of YA books--and she claimed it would be easy to get published. Famous last words.

Random late night phone calls. See? So cool. All right, where do you each of you fit into the birth order in your family?

L&L:  Lisa is the oldest and 100% type A. Laura is in the middle and still has middle child syndrome.

Janet has that, too. MCS that is. (middle child syndrome) So what's the age difference between you two?

L&L:  We are a little over 2 years apart.

Well. That certainly explains some of the closeness. What is the best part about being sisters?

L&L:  Having a built-in best friend who never (okay, fine, rarely) screens your calls. We're all here for each other no matter what and that's so reassuring.

Yes, because rumor has it there's another Roecker sister lurking around somewhere. *Apology to other Roecker sister. I don't literally think you lurk.* What is the most challenging thing about being sisters?

L&L:  I think growing up, it was being compared. We are all very different from one another, and sometimes it's hard to be lumped together as the Roecker sisters. Now I think it's just trying to find time to spend together. The older our kids get, the crazier the schedules. We try to do things without the kids, but that's equally hard.

Another geeky thing I find interesting is how different sisters and brothers are from each other. (I think this has intensified since I only have one child and I wonder how many of his personality quirks are my fault. lol) In families, in addition to being compared, we all seem to fall into "roles". What are your roles in the family?

L&L:  Lisa is definitely the boss. We all listen to what she has to say. But the true boss is our mom, the Regulator. No matter how old we get, we want, we need to please her. It's kind of ridiculous.

Not so ridiculous. The Regulator is a wise one. Tell me a favorite childhood memory of your sister?

L&L:  If we're being sentimental we'll reminisce about our post-bath story sessions with our dad where we all piled on top of Lisa's big bed and snuggled in. He used to tell the story of Teddy and his dog Moonglow who built a spaceship in their backyard shed and were always trying to get to the moon. He was so persistent!

If we're being real, we'll laugh about the summers that we were left to our own devices all day while our mom worked. We spent the long, hot days eating hohos, calling our mom out of meetings to settle our disputes and (occasionally) throwing underwear out the window.

Well at least this was probably in the days before thongs? Ohh wait. I am old, not you two, it could have been thongs. Don't tell me I don't want to know.  And speaking of secrets, do you share secrets? Do you want to spill one?

L&L:  Hmm...tough question. Yes, we do share all sorts of secrets. Lisa may or may not have known I was prego before my husband. The best part about having sisters is that you know you always have someone who will listen to you spill your guts and will never tell another soul.

Love!!! What is something you never tell your sister, but you should?

Laura: I'm not very good about confrontation. If I ever am upset (which is very rare), they'll never know it.

Lisa: I always worry that you guys are going to ditch me for being so bossy, but I just can't help myself. Sorry!

Aww. So sweet!!!  Okay. How about sisters in The Liar Society?

So unfortunately, Kate is a big, old only child. No sisters for her! But, there are sisters in our WIP. They look almost identical, but couldn't be more different. The older sister has a dangerous, almost self-destructive streak and the younger sister is bookish and observant (almost obsessively so). Despite their differences, they do care about each other deep down, but it takes a strange turn of events to make them realize it.

Sounds super intriguing. But first, The Liar Society!!!  I, for one, cannot wait to read Liar Society for even more of that snarky humor and it's out soon --as in March 1!!

Thank you Roecker sisters for stopping by!!!     Visit them here:  Liar Society Website of Cool

Kate Lowry didn’t think dead best friends could send e-mails. But when she gets an e-mail from Grace, who died mysteriously a year before, she’s not so sure. When the emails continue, Kate is forced to confront her school’s resident druggie, a sketchy administrator, and even her own demons.

As Kate moves closer and closer to the truth, she teams up with a couple of knights-in-(not so)shining armor–the dangerously attractive, bad boy, Liam and her love-struck neighbor, Seth. The three uncover an ancient secret lurking in the halls of their elite private school with the power to destroy them all.

But the truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes it’s only the beginning.

Lisa and Laura Roecker are sisters-turned-writing-partners with a love of all things Young Adult. Some call it arrested development, but the sisters claim it keeps them young. Plus, its cheaper than Botox. Lisa and Laura live in Cleveland, Ohio in separate residences. Their husbands wouldn't agree to a duplex. THE LIAR SOCIETY is their first novel.


  1. Looks like a great book. Sisters who write together! Kool!

  2. Thanks for having us, J! We just sent Paul an email BEGGING for an ARC of I'm Not Her. We'll see if he caves...