Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. Going to NYC in May. Flight is booked. Hotel is booked. Oh yeah baby. I is going.
First BEA, first trip to the big city.

2. I am so over winter in so many ways.  Every Spring and Summer I tuck the horrible memory of cold cars and winter coats away in my mind, and somehow every year I'm always shocked and dismayed when it returns. And lasts so darn long.

3. I have no plans for this weekend. My house is a mess. Guess what I should be doing. Wonder if I will.

4. I got a look at my cover for IF I TELL. Squeeeee!!!! It is totally not what I expected but very very cool.

5. I LOVE my ARC`s for I`M NOT HER so much I would marry them if book marriages were legal in the province of Alberta. And polygamy since, you know, I`m already married and all.


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