Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Madness

So I suck at blogging, right?

On Saturday, I was writing up my SISTERS SATURDAY post. I was 95% done and added pictures and all was well and then I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED all of it. And before I could react properly like a  normal person and press the back button, I panicked and it all disappeared into cyber space. Can I tell you the depth of my despair? Do you know how very much I hate writing something and then losing it and then having to do it all over again. I simply couldn't do it.  So there was no Sister's Saturday again. Sigh. Le fail equals me. Note to self. Look up equal in french, so can make an entire french sentence.

I will post that author's interview again, but I just couldn't make myself do it again after spending over half an hour on it.

I suck. Okay. I suck at some things. Not everything. I don't hate myself that much.

I did write my blog today for the Dear Teen Me site. My letter won't even appear for a few months so that's like the opposite of procrastination. AND. I have been working on my work in progress for a couple hours.  So I am accomplishing things.  My edits for All That Jaz are in to my editor. I await her feedback on my new subplot and character development.

But first I am going to have a little holiday. Not sure if I deserve it, but I'm taking it anyways. There will be sun. And beach. And heavy sunscreen for my aging screen. Ha ha, I wrote screen instead of skin and that cracks me up so I'm leaving it in! Toot a loo. Back at ya soon!

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  1. Bummer about losing your post! That does suck. Have a great break in the sun!