Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why Heidi R Kling Cries When She Sees Her Best Friends

Today is Tuesday and not only that, but we get to chat with another author friend of mine from a secret online group (okay not that secret, but it makes it sound more mysterious, right?) 

After earning her BA in Literature & Creative Writing Literature from UC Santa Cruz and finding her voice in YA, Heidi went on to earn her MFA in Writing for Children from The New School. She has directed and written children's theatre on both coasts and lives with her husband and two children in Palo Alto, CA.
Heidi R Kling is the author of several YA novels, including  The Spellspinner of Melas County. Check out the series HERE
Hello Heidi!! So… let’s do this thing! Did you have a best friend in high school? If you did, are you still in touch?
HK: Yes. I had three best friends for all four years. We were like Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie only minus the supernatural element. We are all still in touch, except one of them--we got in a fight and aren't talking right now. Just like in high school. ;)
Too bad about the supernatural element. That would be cool, right? Although based on the picture, you were all attractive enough to have your own show! So what do you miss most about them?
HK: I was out of touch with two of them for a few years after high school because I went to a different college and we just drifted apart, there was no fight or anything. I'm lucky that they are wonderful friends who kept track of me and we still get together. What I missed most was having that friend who you could tell everything to without fear of judgement and just this closeness that isn't easy to replicate as an adult with new friends.
Not so much. The teen relationship is pretty intense. So did you all  have a favorite song, or a favorite place where you hung out?
HK: Yes! SO many songs. We had songs for all of our boy crushes, songs for our friendships. We were pretty zany and emotional and dramatic. By we I mean me. My friends, while passionate, were pretty level-headed, actually. 
But we all need zany and dramatic people in our lives! So what did you and your best friends most love to do?

HK: We loved to mostly hang out and talk and laugh. Sometimes we'd draw cartoons of funny things going on at school. Sometimes we'd cry together. Regardless, we were always there for each other.  I loved that their friendship was unconditional. To be totally honest, my friends were better friends to me than I was to them, especially as we got older and grew apart. I was the head-in-the-clouds-dreamer friend and they were the practical "Let's get together now" friends. They were my rocks.
I totally get that. I need people like that in my life too, or I'd b a hermit. So what did you learn from your best teen friends?
HK: To live life to the fullest. To trust. To believe in limitless potential. They were very supportive of my writing and still are. 
So Awesome! Are your relationships with friends different at this stage in your life? How?
HK: Oh, yes. My friends from high school are more like sisters. They know me, know me, if that makes sense? Recently, they surprised me for a Big Birthday and I burst into tears when I saw them. I love them truly, madly and deeply and always will.
Totally makes sense and totally awesome. So glad you have such wonderful friends and that they still mean so much to you today!! Thanks so much for playing along!!



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