Thursday, May 23, 2013

Looking Back on a Book Release.

I'M NOT HER released in May 2011.  It had an adventurous journey to the shelves. When the book first sold it was called THE WEIGHT OF BONES. 

Soon after the sale, the acquiring editor for my publisher, Sourcebooks, left. I was a little frightened until I got a call from my now editor, Leah Hultenschmidt. She was delightful and assured me she loved the book, but oh... how did I feel about a title and cover change?

I was a little sad again until I saw what the design team came up with. I'M NOT HER! And I knew it was the best thing to do for the book. And it was!

The day that I'M NOT HER released I walked in the Bell Help Line Walk a Thon to help raise money for kids who need someone to talk to. I got a snapshot taken with a storm trooper and then had a giant celebration piece of chocolate cake! Do I party hard or WHAT??

The month I'M NOT HER released I went to NEW YORK for my first time and attended Book Expo of America.  That was one of the cooler things I've done. It was both wondrous and overwhelming. 

Later in May 2011, I had my first book signing at Chapters/Indigo in Calgary for I'M NOT HER. Many wonderful friends showed up to buy my book, support me and eat delicious cupcakes. Since then, I've made cupcakes a tradition at book signings!

One of the highlights of  I'm Not Her releasing was seeing books on store shelves at Indigo and at local independents in Winnipeg and Calgary.  I also had a book signing at MCNALLY ROBINSON, an amazing bookstore in Winnipeg, where I lived for many years!

I had no idea what to expect from my first experience with Sourcebooks but was really pleased when it turned out that I'M NOT HER was selling well! Since that time I've been on a multi- city book tour (for WHO I KISSED) and was nominated for a RITA, well for two RITA's actually-- for Best YA and Best First Book for I'M NOT HER! (Rita's are top awards for Romance Writer's of America- a huge honor!)

It's been a fun ride with Sourcebooks Fire! They are a great distributor of books and I'm so happy to be on the shelves at major bookstores,  AMAZING INDEPENDENTS ACROSS Canada and the USA and in ebook form on online stores. It truly is a dream come true.

And TODAY, all week long actually, you can get I'M NOT HER for FREE as it was selected to be the iBOOKSTORE BOOK OF THE WEEK on iTunes. Pretty cool right?

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I hope you enjoy I'M NOT HER (and maybe pick up other Janet Gurtler books!!!)
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog for a walk down the lane of memories!

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