Friday, May 3, 2013

Proof Home Perms Are Always a Bad Idea

Teen Janet and her Tony Home Perm

In case you haven't noticed, to celebrate the recent release of HOW I LOST YOU, the YA ADDICT blog is currently running a series on Best Friends. I'm talking to YA authors and people in the YA world about their teen best friends, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The blog is featuring lots and lots of favorite YA authors, like A.S. King, Mandy Hubbard, Jennifer Brown, Kimberly Derting.  Look for your favorite authors and for great stories from debut authors too, about teen best friends. The blog features a new interview every week day until June 8 which is NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY!! Hug your friends close!

If YOU have a story about YOUR teen best friend, especially in you're teen RIGHT NOW let me know, I'd love to interview YOU on the blog too! I'd love to see some BOOK BLOGGERS take part and READERS and anyone else who wants to chat about their best friend!!

Meanwhile, RUN to your nearest bookstore for your copy of HOW I LOST YOU. Okay. You don't have to RUN.  But if you do pick up a copy, THANK YOU!! You are awesome. And you smell nice too. Oh. And I love your shoes.

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