Friday, May 24, 2013


The iBookstore Book of the Week, I'm Not Her, is a special book to me.

I really loved writing it and I've really loved hearing from so many readers about how the story touched them in some way! It was emotional to write and I'm glad that emotion was felt by many of the readers!!

Another really cool part of getting I'M NOT HER published writing a dedication.

I was really excited to dedicate the book to my own sister, Tracey MacLeod and also to her daughters, my nieces, Ciara, Carly and Cede. btw- they all appear in my novels at some time or another or I borrow their names and give them secret appearances.Carly is in every book. My good luck charm.

Cede, Carly and Ciara

I was able to keep the dedication a secret until the Arc's of I'm Not Her came out. It's a small thing, but it meant a lot to me to dedicate the book to my sister and her girlies!

Things like the dedication are the really fun parts of being an author!

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