Monday, October 17, 2011

If I Tell, Who I Kissed and More


I've been a little quiet on the blog front, but the good news is that I've been writing. Book 3- aka - The Peanut Butter Book which according to a note from my editor MIGHT be called WHO I KISSED (kind of loving that title now).

It's an engaging book to work on and includes some cool Parkour scenes, one I worked on yesterday.  I only hope it's going to be as good a book when it's done as I want it to be while I'm drafting! I'm hoping for lots of emotional response from readers and maybe even some tears like with I'M NOT HER but I think the ending might be a little more resolved and happy in this book! Oh writing. You are so fun and yet so hard.

I spent the past weekend celebrating IF I TELL, my second Sourcebooks title.  My lovely friends joined me on Friday night at Chapters/Indigo for cupcakes. I signed some books and chatted and caught up and had a great time. I do admit to feeling kind of bad making people come out again so soon after the launch of I'M NOT HER, but you know, it's not often that authors get to actually publicly celebrate our writing so I thought, what he heckles Jannie. Let's do it again!

On Saturday I was at MONKEYSHINES Bookstore, a funky and fun independent Children's Book store in Calgary.  Sue, the owner, was so gracious and amazing. If you are in Calgary and are intending on picking up IF I TELL, I'd LOVE it if you could go to her store for copies!!!

I was thrilled to see Jan Markley, another local author and another amazing woman with deep passion for Young Adult literature- Betsy Fraser. She's kind of a YA rock star in my eyes, and I was so pleased both came by.

Now, it's back to getting the next book written and off for another run outside. Okay.  Here goes!!!


  1. I just wanted to let you know I found 5 copies of IF I TELL at my local Chapters/Indigo. I faced one out, bought one, read it and loved it.

    Congrats and keep celebrating!

  2. You are AWESOME!!
    I see your friend is on the GG finalist list! How cool is THAT!

  3. Now, look who's calling who a rockstar! With three great books back-to-back? You're an inspiration to us all!

  4. I'm honoured (and more than a little bit flattered.) Congratulations and happy holidays! I look forward to the launch for WHO I KISSED - and hope to see you soon!