Sunday, October 2, 2011

IF I TELL- Judith Graves

Judith Graves is the smart and sassy author behind the young adult paranormal trilogy SKINNED. Library technician, singer, songwriter, author, and book club haunter, Graves loves all things a bit creepy. Thankfully, her sidekick, and lick-the-boogy-man-to-death labrador retriever, Weeping Willow, is always nearby.

Welcome Judith! I was lucky enough to meet Judith at a library presentation she did in OKOTOKS, ALBERTA (where I just happen to be appearing at 7pm on MONDAY!) Judith was an amazing presentor and is a very talented author and a really nice person as well!

So do tell Judith! Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?

Judith Graves:  I am to a certain extent. If the secret involves some delicious and twisted surprise for a friend, I’m likely to spill the beans or set off their internal alarms with cryptic remarks or wayward grins. However, if the secret is that of a personal confidant, I consider it “in the vault” and sealed forever.

Much like me.  Good secrets are so much easier to spill imo. So. What about forgiveness? Do you easily forgive friends for their mistakes? What is something you could never forgive a friend for?

Judith:  Chocolate and a sincere apology go a long way to ensuring we remain friends, but once trust is broken, things will never really be the same again.

Note to mistake makers in Judith's life, stock up on chocolate! So. Let’s just go ahead and stereotype you for a moment, okay! What kind of a teen were you, as in what “group” did you associate with?

Judith: I had a blast in my teens because I didn’t have one particular group. I walked the fringe of many. I got along with the nerds, the drama crowd, dancers and musicians, but I also hung out with the goths and loners. The only group I avoided like the zombie plague - the jocks. Ironically, I ended up falling madly in love with and marrying one of their ilk. My husband (who is now a high school history teacher and basketball coach) and I would have HATED each other in high school. Go figure.

Ahh ha haha. That totally cracks me up. So then describe your fave teen outfit.

Judith:  Since I didn’t belong to one particular crowd and therefore assume their related costume – my style was a mish-mash of everything and anything. I did favor vintage finds and would often offset a trendy bit of fluff with a used classic from Value Village.

Ah. The mash of the mish. I am pressing the like button!! So, if you could go back to high school knowing now what you didn’t know then, what is one thing you would change? What do you wish you could have told your teen self? P.s. It probably shouldn't be that you're going to end up marrying a high school coach.

Judith:  I would have gotten out of private schools a lot sooner. My world opened up when I convinced my parents to send me to a public school for my senior year. What would I have told myself? Enjoy those skinny jeans while they last, kid. Thanks, Janet, this was a blast from the past.

Ah yes. Skinny jeans. Only the young can rock them really well.

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  1. Thank! Love these interview...and I think even I was able to wear skinny jeans a long long. Long time wgor.

  2. Was fun sharing secrets with you, Janet! Deb - yeah....the skinny jeans phase, those were the days. Although my treadmill is optimistic. ;)