Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I am in the cave. Doing that writing thing. Whew. My brain is frying hard. But. A break is needed since I reached my goal for the day. Word count wise.  And so. A quick blog. A quick blog with my current writers brain. Scattered.

True Fact- There are mini chocolate bars in my home and I have not eaten any of them. Today. Yet.

True Fact- Since we last spoke, I have became addicted to Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. OMG I love this show so frickin' much.
True Fact- I feel like Halloween is over already  since we had our Halloween party last weekend. Tonight I will go out with Superson and his buddy and my buddy to trick or treat for a short while. Then all the decorations come down.

And now, some pics of Halloween past before I move on...

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  1. Hope the writing went well today! And...methinks I must look up Drop Dead Diva and watch it. I just finished Season One of Walking Dead..oh my...I actually LOVED it a whole lot. Not usually a big zombie movie/show fan..but this one"