Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not so Deep Thoughts on Sunday

Mood- thoughtful.

I had a wonderful time at the Okotoks Library yesterday where a small but attentive crowd came to my presentation about Voice and the publishing business.  Son had to come with me as hubby is off building and fixing things at the cabin. Son reports he almost fell asleep but assured me I didn't sound as boring as he thought I might. Now there's some great feedback!

As a reward I took him to see THOR last night and then afterwards we dropped by our local Chapters/Indigo store to visit my books.  Unfortunately they weren't on the shelves yet but when I checked with the store computer it showed 3 in the store. I asked a nice young employee about it and she magically took over the computer and typed in mysterious numbers and then told me they had arrived a couple of days ago and were still in the back room.  She was about to go get one but I told her I wasn't buying one,  I was just checking on them because I wrote the book. She acted very impressed and made me feel wonderful with her kind words. If I had chocolate in my pocket I would have offered her some. 

It's 14 days post "official" RELEASE day, though Indigo/Chapters listed the book release as May 15 so it's about right that the books are just starting to hit the shelves in my homeland of Canada.

It's a roller coaster ride this publishing thing, let me tell you! Some things happen that send authors to incredible high and wonderful euphoric places.  Good reviews, spotting books in stores, increases in sales numbers. Then there's the inevitable dips. All part of the business and all part of the reason authors need to have thick skin when they put their work out in the world.  It's a learning process how to deal with it all that's for sure. (For example I think it's about time I stopped stalking Goodreads and book blogs andTwitter for reviews and mentions of the book.)

Next week I'm heading out to the cabin for the long weekend for painting and fixing and building and then a week tomorrow I'm heading to New York City for my very first time.  AHHH! I have so much to do next week. Color my hair! Pick out outfits. Figure out a schedule!  I'm really excited to be visiting New York.  Nervous but excited!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Have fun while you're away :) It'll be good for you to stop thinking about your books all the time.

    My copy was finally shipped from Amazon yesterday :)

  2. Kate you are exactly right! I hope (fingers crossed) you enjoy I'm Not Her. :)

  3. First.... "Son reports he almost fell asleep but assured me I didn't sound as boring as he thought I might." OH, the children how we love them.

    And gads! It is hard to believe BEA is almost here....enjoy enjoy enjoy!