Monday, May 23, 2011

New York- Day One

True fact. I almost FORGOT my luggage.  Hub and I stopped for coffee on the way to the airport and as we're leaving the coffee place he says, "Did you bring your luggage from the house". Um Not. So we went back home to get it. D'oh.

I read OKAY FOR NOW (Gary D. Schmidt) on the plane. And teared up. It is THAT good. Amazing really. You must read it. If you are a writer you will hate him just a little.

Arrived in NY. Got into a cab. No. First I spilled the bag of trail mix I bought because I didn't eat on the plane and was HUNGRY.  Spilled it all over the luggage pick up area. Whoops. Clumsy nerd in New York.
The cab driver was a wild driver, but in a good way. Drove through the longest tunnel in the world and looked for ways to escape it, but didn't see any.

Arrived at hotel. Oh.

Really close to the conference center. Kind of old though.  And tiny little tiny room. Hoping like crazy there are not alive things crawling in the bed. Making myself itchy thinking about it.

Walked down to shopping area, but didn't have lots of time. Saw Madison Square Gardens and went into the BORDERS right beside it. They had copies of I'm Not Her on the shelf. That was a kick!!! Saw lots of people and lights and tourists walking around with luggage. Oh. Also walked past some groovy looking fashion gala or something with lots of fancy looking people in expensive clothes and paparazzi. Do they have paparazzi at BEA? They totally should.

Went and ate a large thin crust slice of pizza in the subway station. Felt kind of groovy. Had no idea where any of the major attractions were and kind of afraid to walk in the late, late darkness in my hotel area so returned to hotel.

Meeting up with Shana Silver and Laura tomorrow early for the first day of BEA!

More later dudes.


  1. Meep! SO exciting!!! With all the tweets and pictures about BEA I'm groaning that I didn't go. You're one lucky gal!

  2. I love NY and NY pizza - best in the world!