Friday, May 6, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  I have become secretly addicted to listening to Cee Lo Green's UNCLEAN version of Forget You. Which uses the F word in place of Forget.  Yes THAT word! It makes me giggle like a ten year old boy. Of course, I only listen on my iPod. My son and my husband would both disapprove. I like in a house of non swearing rule followers people. It's my small act of rebellion! Giggle giggle.

2.  I am getting super excited and nervous about going to NEW YORK CITY. My first time. I'm going alone. I am going to start begging for friends to hang out with. Oh. Who am I kidding. I've already started asking for friends to hang out with.

3. I have been working on INSTINCT again. I swear this book is the most difficult one to finish.  When I am done I will be celebrating in a MAJOR way. That means, maybe TWO scoops of ice cream on my chocolate fudge three layer cake.

4. I am going to the bookstore today! Yes I am!!! Unfortunately I'M NOT HER doesn't release until May 15 at Chapters/Indigo, but I'm going to check out some Indies around town. Plus I need to drop by the store where I'm having my LAUNCH!!!! June 10th baby. If you're in Calgary you are invited. Heck. You're invited no matter where you live if you want to make the trip! Germany! China! Brazil! Come one come all! There will be cupcakes!

5.  Swim meet weekend ahead.  Which is going to be kind of nice, because I have been on my laptop pretty much almost every waking hour for the last couple weeks and I think my fingers and eyeballs need a break.  And thanks to Superson too for motivating me. I have FINALLY started adding time/distance to my runs because I  think of him swimming for one and a half hours straight and expecting him to keep getting better and then I have to think- man I can really pick up my own pace here too.


  1. New York is AWESOME, you're going to have a blast. I love that you're a runner, you totally motivate me via twitter (although I'm swimming b/c it too frackin hot here) :P

  2. I really don't consider myself a "runner". I'm slow and not very good at it. :) But I can smack down a 5km like nothing. :)