Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ode to Meeko

Yesterday was a really hard day.

Yesterday I had to say good-bye to the cutest little dog in the whole world. I know everyone with a dog thinks their dog is the cutest. We're all probably right. But Meeko, she was truly a sweetheart. Cute to look at.  Adorable really. Like a little stuffed animal. She was skinny minny under all her gorgeous fur. Maybe 5 pounds on a good day. But the best part about Meeko was her personality. Meeko was such a good little soul.

She felt that every single person in the whole world was TOTALLY AMAZING. She wanted to say hello to each and every person who met her eye.  There was not a mean bone in her tiny little body.

She was a perpetual puppy. Almost 2 1/2 in human years but full to the brim with happy energy. She could jump as high as my waist when it was treat time. Despite her tiny size, she loved to play catch. She would bring a ball or a stick back and drop it at my feet, shivering with the anticipation of it being thrown for her again.

Meeko was not a barker, but she loved her walks and when it was time to go to the dog run she honked and sounded a little like a sick goose. She knew when we were getting close and she'd start to squeak. She was a great passenger in the car on long trips to the cabin and short trips to take Superson to school.

At night she would snuggle under the covers with my husband. She had a special little spot by him in his chair in the bonus room. Every day when I wrote she would snuggle up beside me on a little pillow. She'd curl up into a warm little ball. If we ever lay down for a nap she would snuggle into our legs our lie right on top of us.

Her fur was soft like a teddy bear. She loved to mooch. When we went out she would lie on top of our dining room table, watching out the window for us to come home.  She'd greet us with uncontained joy.

She brought us so much happiness and unconditional love.  It's amazing how much a pet like Meeko gets into your heart and it seems so wrong that she had to leave us so soon.

Her worst fault was her running. She wanted to go visit. She wanted to say hi.  We should have trained her better. I should have watched her closer.  Accidents always come down to horrible timing. If only. What if.  

And so we lost a precious part of our family.  Not a person, but still a bundle of joy. A cute little dog who loved so big and so hard and left us much too soon.

I'm so sorry Meeko.  If I could only have picked you up, or put a leash on you or closed the door faster. You were the best little dog in the whole world. 

I miss you. 


  1. Janet, I am so sorry to hear about Meeko. She looks and sounds precious and I'm sorry that she's no longer with you.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. Although it's been years since I've had a dog, when my dad had the family dog put down at last (she was old, and very sick), they didn't tell me it was going on until it was done. It was such a shock to me, and I wept. I hope you feel better.

  3. Oh, Janet. I am so sad for you. He is the cutest little pup.