Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Madness- Back from BC

I'm Baaaaaaaaack.

Took off for the weekend to cabin building country. A mere 8 hour drive to get there. One way. Hubby has us building a cabin out in the wilds of BC (British Columbia) This was a "quick trip" to check on a delinquent worker bee hubby hired who was supposed to do the insulation and drywalling over the winter. Yeah. He didn't. Insert bad name calling of the bad worker who didn't do his job.

So when we arrive at our cabin, which is on the side of a mountain, there's about 4 feet of solid snow all the way from the road to the deck.  No driveway. Just snow. Hmm.  Going to make it hard to unload all the flooring and other things we hauled out.  Hubby gets on the cell phone.

An hour late, bobcat shovelling of the driveway is done and then we're in.  (of course, like everything with this cabin, it cost us to have the snow plowed out and we've paid for it. Once there was a movie called the Money Pit. This is ours.)

Next day I get my first lesson in installing insulation.

Me- "Didn't I mention to you when we met that I didn't want to buy a house, I wanted a condo because I hated yard work and housework."

Hubby- "Yeah. That might have come up."

Me- "I guess you weren't listening, eh?"

Hubby- Looks away and whistles.

The insulation work wasn't so bad. And Superson Loves going to the cabin. So that's all good. And here I I am. Married to the guy who loves to fix and build and oh my gosh, I've been dragged into this huge project and sometimes it drives me crazy and sometimes I have to just grin and bare it.

Good thing I come with a few quirks of my own.

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