Monday, November 11, 2013


Was trolling around the Internet and noticed this nice review for WHO I KISSED, which I really think addressed something I've heard a few times about the book...

Here's a section of it... Warning. *It's very positive.

Which is why I'm posting it. Ha ha ha.

On Librarything:  WHO I KISSED

"Some people read the synopsis and have a moment of disbelief, as if the story couldn't possibly be good because the premise is so odd. If any variation of this thought pops into your head, immediately grab hold of it and fling. Or better yet, set it on fire and burry the ashes.

Who I Kissed is so much more than the story of a boy dying from an allergic reaction. Not only does Samantha have to deal with the tormenting of her peers, the mass media attention, the hurt appearance of Alex's sister in the hall way, the dissolution of an important friendship, and the fading of her dreams, but these events are all added to the important family matters that have been filed away and ignored. The story isn't about Alex, it isn't even about severe peanut allergies. Not to downplay Alex's role, but he is more of an instigator to events than the subject of the novel itself. "

Le hug ilikethesebooks. If you want to see the full review, you can find it here

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