Monday, July 16, 2012


Oh my GOSH. I am under a tight deadline now, working on HOW I LOST YOU which is due in two weeks! Did I mention I've seen a cover comp and it is BEAUTIFUL. My fave one I hope it doesn't change!

I'm leaving this Saturday to drive 14 hours to Winnipeg with my son and then flying off to Anaheim for almost a week, so really my deadline is this FRIDAY. (But I will be working in California and on the plane, I already know that!) I'll do it, yes yes I will. Eat that deadline.

I'm going to the RWA conference (Romance Writers of America).  I'M NOT HER was nominated for a RITA for Best First Book and Best Young Adult Romance, which is a huge, huge honor and I fully expect not to win but am thrilled to get to meet some of the other authors who were also nominated in various categories.   It is going to be amazing, and we'll all pretend I haven't put on 20+ pounds since last summer. Um. Yeah. That. When I get home I am going on a fitness craze. I haven't been working out and it feels gross and yucky, so here's to an August health kick!!!

I have to wear a fancy dress and I'm taking my friend, Stina Lindenblatt along with me to the Rita awards dinner, with the promise that she is to tell me often how thin and beautiful I look. Ha ha. But true. Okay. Maybe not, but maybe. Okay. Yes. The price of admission. LOL.

Anyhow, wanted to pop in and leave an update, cause you know, I really am still here and alive and working and stuff and wooo hoooo and happy summer and on and on!!!
(can you tell I'm delirious?)


  1. Congratulations! Don't sell yourself short, I'm Not Her is amazing. I will not be surprised if you win ;)

  2. Have fun at RWA! I know you will, it always seems like such an awesome time. =)

    1. I've never been before. I'm looking forward to it!Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the nomination!