Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello again!!

Here I am 15 hours from home!

I'm in beautiful Winnipeg Manitoba where the weather is hot and the trees are big! And no, if you're Canadian, there are NO mosquitoes!

My son and I drove out here last week and then I flew off to Anaheim for RWA! Romance Writers of America! The national conference! It was an amazing experience despite being on deadline for book#4 and having to spend time in my hotel room writing. Sall good!

No one can wear shoes and dress like the ladies from RWA! I ran into all sorts of writers and authors I knew and met some new ones as well! My lovely editor, Leah Hultenschmidt was also there and I got to have dinner with her and attend the RITA awards with her and my "date" Stina Lindenblatt.
All the Sourcebooks romance ladies are amazing and efficient and friendly and I truly love being a part of that "family."

Leah and me!
Stina and Me!
I'M NOT HER was nominated for Best First Book and Best YA and while I didn't pick up a Rita, it really was an honor to be among the amazing nominees.  Definitely an amazing and surreal experience. I even wore high heels and a long dress for the occasion.

Now I'm back to Winnipeg where superson stayed while I was away and we drive back to Calgary for the weekend. (only 15 hours to go)

Bruce and hubby will be happy to have us home!

Book #4 also known as HOW I LOST YOU has been sent to my editor, so for a couple weeks I am on holidays!!  There will be cottage going and reading and hanging out with Superson having fun!!

Tomorrow is the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt and then it's silent for a while until revisions and then wooooo hooooooo revving up for the release of WHO I KISSED!!


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