Monday, August 8, 2011

If I Tell Janet Gurtler

That search combination that leads a few people to this blog just cracks me up for some silly reason. If I Tell Janet Gurtler. What?? What will happen to you??? Tell her. TELL HER!

Yes. It is late. Yes. I need to get off the computer. :)

Anyhow. I am finally back from what feels like being away for the entire summer. I have been cabin building in the wilds and it's been okay and all --but weeks without Internet are hard on a writer type person let me tell you.  I have much to do and much to write and I just **may**  have some good news to share soon. Shhh. Secret.

I'm going to be talking about secrets a lot over the next couple months actually! I am going to be adding a fun new feature to the blog, where I interview writers/agents/bloggers whoever wants to be on my page to answer the IF I TELL FIVE.  This is coming soon. I hope to have some groovy people join me, so stay tuned. Well. Keep on with your life and all, but watch for it.

In the meanwhile, I must get back to real life. I'm kind of happy about that.  What's new with you??

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