Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Discussion Guides for I'm Not Her and If I Tell!

That is what I am working on this week. Discussion guides. These are actually pretty fun to do--coming up with thoughtful questions about my own books and characters is kind of cool. The thought of teens sitting in groups discussing my books is so amazingly thrilling I kind of want to giggle out loud just imagining it. How incredibly awesome. Please. If anyone has a book club or a discussion about either book, please let me know! I would do a phone in or a Skype in appearance. Honestly I would!

If you are so inclined to want said DISCUSSION GUIDES for I'M NOT HER or IF I TELL they will be available for downloading on my website very, very soon. I know you wait with baited breath. Yes?

The other thing I'm working on is doing video clips about the books. Um. I kind of suck at it. Yeah. I do.

It took me about 300 hours to figure out how to actually get the video off the camera and onto my computer. Which involved borrowing my brother in law's Mac. Downloading the video straight to the Mac. Realizing the MAC movie maker thingy was too hard for me to figure out edits and cuts, so then I emailed the file to myself on his computer and copied it to my own PC and on and on until hours and hours had passed and I finally got to the point where I video taped, downloaded to Mac and then uploaded to a hard drive thingy and then downloaded to PC and then used the Windows Movie Maker to download it to my lovely and patient publicist using YOU TUBE because I couldn't figure out how to zip it so I could email it.  Am I showing my age or WHAT????

Next time I'm hiring a teenager.

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