Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tell the Truth Tuesday

I've seen other people posting truths on Tuesday, so thought I would copy them follow along and join in.  Okay. Here goes...

1. I can't stop eating the Christmas Bark that I made for "the family". It is a yummy conncoction made of milk chocolate, white chocolate and crushed candy canes.  I am trying to convince myself it has no calories because it is Christmas.

2. I really hate talking on the phone. I'd rather email someone than call them. It is a sickness.

3. I wish that I'd been born with the cleanliness/organized gene. But I have not been.  I need advance warning for visitors.

4.  I do not carry a purse. I put all my necessary ID and plastic cards in my coat pocket and hope for the best. I replace my bank card at least 3 times a year.

5. The other day our dog went outside and ate snow because she had no water in her dish.

6. I love top forty music. I play it really loudly in my car. I sing.

7.  Sometimes I like to go to movies by myself. To escape from the world.

8. The fact that some of these confessions make me sound like an unsociable creepy person kind of worries me. But not that much.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't that true about the no calories when you eat Christmas baking you make yourself??? Oh. My. Gawd. No wonder I'm gaining weight. Stupid maple sugar fudge.