Monday, December 6, 2010

Secret And Not So Secret Stuff

You know how sometimes writer's have an inability to write and it's called writer's block? Well I kind of have that, only it's blogger block. But wait --there is a reason.

The brain works in strange ways and my brain is wired to be weird.  It's an occupational hazard.  Here's what is happening to cause my block. The Weight of Bones is getting a new name and a new cover!

I tried to hold out saying anything until I got the new cover, I really did but. I. Can't. Do. It. Anymore.
I wanted to wait until the cover and title on Goodreads and other places got switched, but I am weak.

And so...the new name of Weight of Bones is....(insert major drumroll here please)...  I'M NOT HER. And  I LOVE this new name for the book and I can't WAIT to see the new cover. But well. I'm waiting.  And did I ever mention my patience problem??

So I  have the new title, but the new cover isn't done yet. And while I've been waiting, I've been....well. Unable to write. Or blog. Because my silly brain, when it goes into wait mode, well, it won't work properly. . And now I have blabbed. New name, new name, new name!!!! And I hope it chases away that blocked blogging thing!

Stay tuned for the new cover reveal. In the meantime....I'm imagining what it might look like (and really have no idea) and hoping the team at Sourcebooks does as amazing a job with I'M NOT HER and they did with Weight of Bones!!

And while yes, I did love the title, Weight of Bones and I wanted to marry my cover, the truth is my publisher thought they didn't properly convey the tone of the book. And publishers are usually right about things like that.  :)  And so my book will go out into the world called, I'M NOT HER.  And I think it does convey the tone of the book. An emotional story about two sisters discovering who THEY are. Not who the world wants them to be. 

There will be lots to be done once the name and cover are officially revealed. Goodreads! ARC tours to schedule! Nails to chew! Blog tours! Bookmarks! Book Trailer!

And Blogging!

I hope to be back to it soon!



  1. right on the title, Janet. It really does have a lot of layers. Even just saying it, holding it up to a potential reader-it totally works.


    Completely understand where you coming from on the patience thing and it freezing the writing. Been there, done that, do that.

    Looking forward to all that is coming your way! Including figuring out how to keep on writing midst it do. it.

  2. You're in great hands, and the title is fantastic. I would be brain stuck too, waiting for such an exciting thing to happen. Fingers crossed you hear soon!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  3. I love the new title and will surely love the new cover as well. I think patience is highly overrated! (maybe because I have none!)

  4. I can't wait to see the new cover. :D

    It didn't dawn on me that it would be changed too.

  5. Love the new title! And can't wait to see what new cover they come up with!!