Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sitting on your butt listening to other people talk all day doesn't sound like fun. Unless you're a writer and you're learning about craft! We are a wild and wacky bunch we writers. ;)

So yes, spent a fab day with SCWBI Calgary folk at our first official writing workshop and it was great. I always consider a craft learning session a good one, when I can't wait to get home and write --and tonight I raced home (well after sitting in the lounge for few hours for a post day chat with some of my fave local writers) to fix up my flawed first pages. Oh. So much better!!

Crystal Stranaghan, Publisher, and Jared Hunt, Senior Editor, Gumboot Books put on a great presentation/workshop catering to both the newbies in the crowd as well as providing moi with some ah ha moments about setting and character to use in INSTINCT--plus other great learning tools for the "intermediates". Whatever the heck that is.

Also got to chat with my Calgary writing homies--Linda, Angie, Gloria and world famous photographer/writing homie, Stina.

Stina is taking my author photo's next week. Of course in honor of the occasion I dyed my hair too dark and now look like Elvira's flat chested , bouffant less sister. It's always one thing or another with me. Trust.

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