Monday, September 13, 2010

Revisions and Sister or Soccer

I have been stuck to the couch all night, working on The Weight of Bones revisions. My laptop is getting really hot in my lap. Didn't some guy start a fire or get a major burn that way? Pillows. That's why we have pillows people. They're also really good under your head when you're sleeping.

I have to get my butt in gear with a new website soon. And some blog content (ah hmmm) would be good for this blog. Right.

I did hear something funny about sisters when I went to pick up my son at school today.

Two boys about 11 or 12 walking along, one has a soccer ball, the other is walking with a little girl.

Boy with the soccer ball asks the other kid to play soccer. Boy says no.

"Which do you love more?" soccer ball boy shouts. "Soccer or your sister?"
"Soccer," othe boy yells back. "But my mom will kill me if I don't walk my sister home."

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