Sunday, April 3, 2016

From Flab to Fab... Walking to Runing to Making Healthier Choices.

Hello Bloggity Blog.

So much new. So much the same.  That is the journey of life.

So. I was on holidays all last week and spent time in beautiful BC with my family and some friends. It's a treat to spend time with The Boy now as he is deeply entrenched in his Teenage years and doing what he must do. ie- preparing to spread his wings in preparation for flight. He's not going anywhere yet, but as most teens, he prefers the company of his own species most of the time, so it was nice to steal some time for ourselves (my husband and I).

Now I'm home and back to life and have decided it's time to try to make some healthy changes. On Friday, I went for my first walk/run in a long (long)time. I've decided to give the running thing a go. Again.  My goal. A 10 km run. I've never managed a 10km. I mastered the 5km a few years back, even managed a sprint triathlon one year, but in the past few years I've been a sluggish Janet instead. Now it's time to fix that. From Flab to Fab? Fab at Fifty, of course. Which looks much different, I suppose. I'm trying to focus on health vs looks. This is a quest to feel better. In my skin and in my head.

Tomorrow I'm back to work and the business and busy-ness of life. Board meetings, golf committee planning, course selection meeting for high school next year for and with The Boy. Book writing and book signing and of course, the Day Job.

But fitting in the Flab to Fab plan too. 4 walk/runs this week to build the running platform and 2 yoga's for my mind and soul.  Doable? Yes.

My Mantra for the week- Happiness is a HABIT I will develop. I will work to chose happiness whenever I can- all week long!

Let's do this thing.

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